Welcome to my Womb Little Boy NT Scan Level 2


At about 16 1/2 – 17 weeks we did our second part of the Nuchal Translucency Scan.  This is a 2nd level for women in my age category.  They di more measurements similar to an Anatomy Scan and they also take a larger quantity of blood to confirm any and all chances of all the trisomy things that are detectable in the original Scan.

As you are sitting there in the lab room waiting for the much nicer – cooler – ultra sound to take place and tell you the gender of your little one – be sure of one thing – GO PEE!!!! You may be sitting there for a long long time and once they get started – your bladder will not be forgiving.

Once they begin you will see how very active your baby is.  He or she will be turning flipping and dancing all over the place.  Almost in celebration of you getting to see them again.  The ultra sound tech is usually very excited to know if you are interested in knowing the gender immediately.  We were too anxious to get confirmation of what we were having so we both said yes we want to know as soon as possible.

Well that is when little man turned his butt into the air and mooned us – letting us confirm that he was DEFINITELY a boy!!!!  We laughed and almost cried at how amazing it is to see this little thing that looked like a bean a mean two months ago look like a real baby now.  He was healthy, growing bigger than expected and had all the body parts in the right places and the proper formation. 

We sat in utter disbelief at the movements and laughed as he bounced himself off of my bladder as we watched.  The actions of a little baby inside you is such a surreal experience when you get to see them that you are baffled by their sheer existence. 

As we got to see him for the last few minutes and the doctor told us that he looked great we got one little surprise as we said that we would see him soon.  He waved  on cue.

baby boy waves 16 week ultra sound

Once that was done – the secnd level blood work was taken – this is the only part I really don't like.  The results were phenomenal and I was thrilled that for a woman in my age category I had 1 in 1500 chances of a baby with Down's Syndrome, 1 in 15,000 for Turner's Syndrome and 1 in > 350,000 for all other chromosomal abnormalities such as Spinal Bifida, Ancephaly & Congenital Heart Defects.

So from here on out – so long as I take good care of myself – it looks like my little boy will be born without any issues.