What is the mystery about 2012?

There are many days that wander past us and we have no true idea about what 2012 holds for us. We listen to many people talk about a rogue planet named Nibiru that is supposed to enter our planetary orbit and will smash into us. Potentially destroying the planet and obliterating human life. Is this possible? In all actuality, the nearest galaxy to our own is the Andromeda galaxy. And we have yet to reach it or detect much movement as to the planetary orbit. We would have to assume that the concept of a rogue planet orbiting wide enough is a farce. After doing extensive research I discovered that Nibiru was actually in a Babylonian poem and it was considered Jupiter. Not some random planet. However, upon further investigation, I noted several sites that claim that Nibiru will somehow cross into our orbit. This is also highly doubtful considering Nibiru is a myth from a religious cult. I have asked numerous astronomers who work at my college and they laugh very hard at this concept. It is interesting to hear that a similar concept also was stated back in 2003 that in May we would all be obliterated by a similar catastrophe. Well – here we are and we are still breathing and walking around.

Now the only orbital body that may enter our solar system but never reach us is that of Eris. However, the size of this dwarf planet is considered smaller than the moon. The projected orbit is in 2255. Will this offer the answer we seek? Probably not, considering that many many people all over the world are looking at this concept of 2012 Doomsday as being inevitable. Why do we fear yet crave this kind of panic? We as a species cannot understand where we came from nor do we understand death and all the questions we have regarding the afterlife. Now all religious folks reading this, I suggest that you merely close this blog and never come back. The concepts I convey are those from a purely scientific standpoint and not one of religious overtones. I understand that religion is used as a security blanket and without religions there would be intense forms of panic and disarray in many peoples’ lives. We crave a soothing environment, that is why we follow so closely religion.

The additional information I gathered were regarding a planetary alignment, there is no possibility of this actually coming to fruition. We are not capable of a complete planetary alignment when many of the planets move at either much faster or much slower orbits. If this “alignment” were to happen, the most time spend would be an unknown amount of seconds.

And the final item of speculation is about the “pole shift” where the Earth’s axis tilt will be disrupted and/or the magnetic field will be altered, thus ending the world. Neither of these concepts are possible, or felt. The Earth’s magnetic field is altered occasionally without our feeling it at all. It does not affect our lives nor the stability of the planet. As for the “pole shift”, this is also a falsehood. The altering of our shift, if possible will not be happening until the death of our sun, and what is humorous about this claim is that our sun will not be burning through its inner energy source (I am not going to give scientific terms here since many would not understand what this means) is not “scheduled” to burn out for many many many years. Long after we are all dead, as well as our children. To be honest life on earth with the natural evolution of humans, will not even resemble what or who we are now by the time this happens.

What do I suggest as the reason why this whole 2012 hoax was created? The Maya calendar ends in 2012. This is fine and dandy but if you look into the Mayan calendars, they are made in a cyclical patterning. They have a beginning and an end. They did not believe in one god, they believed in many gods that controlled various natural functions. We panic when we hear about this end of a cycle because we think of this end as an end to all life. When you think in a more rational manner regarding cycles, the end of a cycle is the birth of a new one. So yes there will be an end so to speak but this is not representational of the end of life. Now the other theory I have is that the 2012 hoax was triggered when the Sony movie 2012 was conceptualized. We need for the public to believe that it is possible for the world to end for everyone to want to see this movie. Also remember that humans love death. When we see a car accident we slow down in order to see if there is a body dismembered lying on the ground. Is there blood? Death?

So before you start looking for a way of surviving 2012 – please people do real research and be rational. Fear is not rational behavior. Fear requires no thought. It is a feeling only – not a rational person’s way of being – and honestly not respected by educated persons.