What have we done?

As I sat at work the other day I couldn’t help but stare in a sad way at the poor lions in the Lion Habitat at the MGM. The poor creatures are beyond bored and merely sit there being ogled and flashes of cameras go off every second for hours each day.

Where do we get off using these poor animals for attracting more people to a casino? There poor creatures sit and stare obviously ready to go someplace else but not able to hide from the droves of people staring at them.

Humans have not realized that entrapping these creatures is not fair – nor ethical. We use animals for entertainment. This is selfish. When these animals attack humans we get mad at the animals instead of ourselves for subjecting these animals to this captive life. We force these animals to learn “tricks” for our amusement and take for granted the potential for these animals to get fed up with jumping through hoops to see our smiling faces laugh with glee.

We restrict where they can go and what they can do and wonder why they seem pissed off. Think about it. If your boss told you you were not going to see your home until they were done with you. Taking you from your family and home and making you stay at work locked into your office 24/7 and not being able to do the job you are used to but rather do a job that requires very little thought just to appear and be there for your boss to stare at whenever he felt like looking at you. How would that affect you? Would this make you happy??? Now think about the poor creatures we subject to the same hell.