First Obstetric Appointment


So I keep hearing women freak out over what will happen to them at their very first OB appointment when they come up pregnant.


You consign yourself to become a human pin cushion first.

Usually you will get to the office and a very pleasant person will greet you and have you fill out close to 100 pages of insurance and medical documents that ask you for everything from last menstrual cycle to the first time you had sex.

Then onto the second fun part.  You will be sat down and introduced to your OB if you have not already met him or her for interviewing (something I so wish I had done before this point) and you will talk over the entire process and all the details of your intimate life. 

Once you are comfortable with him or her you will be brought to the bathroom where you are handed a cup and a sterile wipe and other assorted items which you will use to cleanse and provide a clean catch urine sample for a state of the art (sarcasm) pregnancy test. 

As always the next step and this is the part you will be accustom to within a few visits, you are weighed and your blood pressure is taken.

Once you are humiliated enough by that you are brought back to another room and handed a sheet to place over your lap and you are told to get naked from waist down.  We all know what this means so don't act surprised.

You are then ready for the first possible glimpse of your little zygote or embryo depending upon when you are seeing your doctor for this visit.  What you will see if you got as late or later than your 8th week is a small bean shaped glob attached to a side of a black hole.  Inside this little bean is a rapidly moving flicker.  This is when your heart will skip a beat and you will see your little baby's heartbeat for the first time.  Even though they will most likely not allow you to hear it …you will at least see it. 

Once the Dr. has verified that the bean is alive and stable you are forced into the dreaded gynecological stirrups.  And all the regular tests are performed. 

After this – just when you are excited to be leaving they spring the next step on you.  The dreaded large amount of blood to be taken. 


So you get your pants on and sit waiting on a table for the nurse or phlebotomist to come in and take your blood and so help me God you see about 11 vials waiting for your richly dark red blood to go into. 

Word to the wise – have a snack or keep a snack with you.  Once the blood is taken you MAY be weak or dizzy.

Results are only given a week later and you are only told – yes you were normal or um….we need to see you this week. 

Mostly though – you will leave after being told when to be back or when to go to a lab for different testing, as well as holding a prescription for your new horse pill pre-natal vitamin but you hardly listen because the entire time you are on cloud 9 – you got to see what appeared to be a bean in your tummy….

So ladies – don't be so scared of your own shadows  – just suck it up – go and talk to your Dr and get the green light to keep going.