Why wasn’t I warned about Morning Sickness????


There is some unspoken thing amongst women.  I have determined that this is true beyond the shadow of a doubt.

It must be clearly understood that after a woman experiences the hell of morning sickness in the first trimester that there must never be one negative word uttered to contradict the wonderful blessing of pregnancy.

This is such a backstabbing female thing to do – so I say SCREW THAT!!! I am going to tell you the truth of what you may or may not have happen.

I started my 5th week of pregnancy smoothly and no issue.  I was thrilled and signed up for every single site that would give me info about my peanut as we went along.  I even went so far as to buy "The Belly Book" which gives you the entire 9 months in book format so that you are the one writing the story essentially. Wonderful to read when you are further along.

Then the 6th week started and I found myself walking slower, wondering why I felt like hell all the time and how being this constipated was even possible.

My breasts were sore and tender to the extent of tears if I bumped one of the puppies into anything.

My exhaustion was visible and the palor of my skin was a shade of greenish gray I had never seen before.

Then the bloating started.  OMG I have never seen myself so swollen and puffy in my 37 years.  It just seemed downright un-natural.

Stay Puft marshmallow man had nothing on me at this point.  I could have easily taken his job!!!!

By week 7 & 8 I was in misery.  I would barely be able to eat anything without the feeling of death looming over me.  I would try to eat healthy but that was a joke.  I could only eat fried food and salty foods.  If you placed chicken, turkey, pork or fish anywhere in my vicinity I would have to turn running from my place and hide out of the desperate need to avoid things that would make me puke. 

So almost 2 months in I was wondering where I stood with the baby thing anyway since all I felt was SICK 24/7.  I had not actualyl vomitted and for that I was thankful.  But at the same time I was panic stricken by the thought that I had no idea if the baby was alive or not.

At 8 weeks and 4 days I had my first OB appointment at Mt. Sinai Medical and was too excited for words.  What to expect at the first appointment is for another post …but the whole purpose of this is to explain what you are getting into with the morning sickness.

First – there is absolutely no purpose in calling it "morning" sickness – especially when it will happen 24/7 and come and go whenever it feels like it.

Second – you do not always puke.  Sure there are poor women who will puke all day every day and end up dehydrated from said puking or you will be like me – never puking but always nauseous.

Third – There is nothing or at least very little you can do to stop the feeling from existing.You just have to live with it.  Period. 


They claim ginger ale, belly drops and pops and bars, lemon water, toast, crackers, mints and some other things I would never eat will help with the morning sickness.  All lies.  If you are gonna suffer – just suck it up buttercup because if you want the kid the journey starts right now.

I spent many days laying in bed on the weekends unable to move without a wave of nausea hitting me with the force of a tsunami.  We cancelled many days of activities because I was too weak and sick to move much.

Mind you I started a job at the same time as this pregnancy and could not tell my boss until the 2nd trimester – so hiding the nausea was hard but I managed to handle it the best I could …

The nausea continued until 14 weeks.  I was even desperate enough to consider taking Zofran to alleviate it.  But when I read what it was changed my mind and decided to tough it out.

Zofran is used during chemotherapy.  It can cause other things to happen to you that you really don't want anyway.   I won't drag you down if you are suffering from hyperemisis and truly cannot help but get this medicinal help.  Not all of us are as fortunate as I was but I will say that this first trimester crap definitely made me decide that one baby was ENOUGH!!!!