Walking Contradiction #1 A smoker who is concerned for their health.

Walking Contradiction #1 series

A cigaret smoker who is concerned for their health?

I am living in NYC – the greatest city in the world.  But I have to say that people are just about as insane as they come.

As I sit on the 6 train and ride downtown to my job I have to consider that people are about as screwed up as they can possibly come.  I watch people pour onto the train and as I observe them I see that many of them are germaphobes.  They will wear rubber gloves and face masks on the train.  They will move from your side if you blow your nose from allergies.  They will get completely out of control upset if you cough near them.

But then….they stand in front of you….and what do you see poking from their coat/pant/pocketbook???? A pack of Newports.

So while you feel bad about making the person freakout over your sneezes and nose blowing – you realize that the person is about as crazy as a cuckoo.  You want to get up and ask them, “So you are afraid of getting sick from my sneezes but you will pollute your body with cigarettes that you know kill people and will eventually kill you as well?”

I have experienced so many odd things in the past month or so from smokers that I am just dumbfounded.

For instance, I have many packages either delivered or picked up from my home by UPS.  Sad as that sounds at first – that isn’t the sad part – what is sad is that my UPS driver for my area is a smoker – we live in a 5th floor walk up.  Since he gets so out of breath if he comes up to our door, he actually stopped me and suggested that I simply drive my packages out to the UPS shipping plant and do all my pick ups there.  As he said this to me, he had a cigarette hanging from his mouth and ashes were dropping all over my package he was dropping off.

Then as I sit in DMV I hear a woman who honestly sounded as if she was born with a cigar in her mouth, rasp out the words, “DMV was better when you could smoke while you waited.”  Wow – really?  I think I would have had to go die from second hand smoke if that was the case.

I was a smoker at one point.  I understand the whole smoker culture.  But I quit.  No matter how hard it was I just kept going until I got it over with and the cravings finally stopped.

I’m not going to completely rip people apart for being weak and smoking but what I can do is simply state that you are a contradiction in terms if you are so concerned with germs, illness and consider yourself a health and fitness fanatic.  The two do NOT go hand in hand.  Smoking is for people who have no one and nothing to lose and don’t have anything to live for and don’t care if they get sick.  But here we are in NYC with a bunch of weirdo people that think that they can care so much by being a Vegan who does Bikram Yoga 2-3 days a week sucking down 2 packs of $14 a pack cigarettes a day and block and run from people that merely sneeze.

From series Walking Contradiction #1 A smoker who is concerned for their health.


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