Vanity Plates Out Of Control

It never fails to amaze me that there are so many people in this city with vanity plates rolling around the streets of Vegas.

Months ago there was an article floating around the internet about the psychological make-up regarding those people that we see all over the roads with these personalized vanity plates.

These vanity plates scream “Look at Me”, “I’m soooo cool I have my own individuality”, “Im special and you aren’t”, “I’m better than you”, “The world revolves around me.”

What your dumb asses should be thinking is – “OH SHIT that COP will definitely be able to remember me – I do have IM420 as my plate.”

This is not something to be proud of.  Clinically speaking? This is pure narcissism.  When living on the East Coast I rarely – if ever – saw a vanity plate.  Here in Vegas I see more than 30 every day as I drive to UNLV or work and park my car in the lots or garage.

My favorite one in the past week was GR8ONE.  Who the hell told you that?

I had more respect for the proctologist from Seinfeld asking for the plate ASSMAN than I do for children asking for a plate that says BEAMER, ERIKITA, IMLOLA, URLOVED, IMDAONE, MASTER and the like.

If I were to find out the reason behind these plates I can’t say that it would make me feel any better.

So please people get a clue.