Top 10 places in New Jersey

Now I already know someone is going to say – where are these places? These are MY top 10 places that I miss and look forward to seeing when I go home.

But remember that these places are my personal choices and not places rated by any official organization or some such thing or some such other thing.

1. Harrigan’s Pub
702 Baltimore Blvd
Sea Girt, NJ

This place has got the absolute best menu for any of the pubs I went to in Monmouth County. I still miss the “Pots O’ Gold” potato skins stuffed with corned beef, sauerkraut and pepper jack. Not only that but between the World Famous Reuben and the Sizzling Garlic Chicken served with those amazing steak fries and always with a big Guinness – always made me smile and gave me enough food in my belly to go drink at one of the other old haunts.

Harrigan's Pub Sea Girt, NJ

2. Pete & Elda’s Bar / Carmen’s Pizzeria
Route 35 South
Neptune City, New Jersey

Although there are many other pizza places that are awesome throughout Jersey – this place stands out as one of the best since there are so many other things to pig out on. The pizza is so flavorful, super thin crust, best sauce and the freshest veggies and cheese. Not only that but the appetizers are the bomb. The amazing Mussels in marinara sauce and Fried Raviolis. But most of all I look forward to my first taste of their Fettuccini Carbonara!!

Pete & Elda's Neptune City, NJ

3. Martells on the Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk

Just the memories of walking to the Tiki Bar and swinging into Martells for a super quick bite of the freshest seafood is enough to make any shore girl homesick. I can’t even go into detail of what it is that was my favorite.

Martells Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

4. Old Man Rafferty’s
106 Albany St
New Brunswick, NJ

Old Man Rafferty’s

Although there are now locations in other places – the one in New Brunswick is the coziest of them all. I can still recall the dessert first idea – I loved the fact that the desserts were listed before the dinner food. Their French Onion Soup was amazing, not to mention the stuffed chicken.

Old Man Rafferty's New Brunswick, NJ

5. Jack Baker’s Wharfside
101 Channel Drive
Point Pleasant Beach

Not only is the atmosphere amazing with the inlet directly behind, but the quality of the food is just beyond perfect. When it comes to the freshest seafood money can buy in Point Pleasant Beach – this is definitely one of the most amazing locations I can recall.

Jack Baker's Wharfside Point Pleasant Beach

6. Ocean Bay Diner
1519 Richmond Avenue
Point Pleasant

Based on premise alone. I grew up less than a block away from this place. When I was a kid my Mom would take me here on Sundays in the morning for some kind of brunch – especially since it was a buy off on her part after forcing me to clean the house with her for hours on Saturday. Then as I grew up my friends and I would randomly wander in to the OB at about 1AM and chill there for a few hours.

The Ocean Bay Diner Point Pleasant NJ

7. Bagelicious
2259 Bridge Avenue
Point Pleasant Boro

Throughout middle school in Point Pleasant New Jersey my friends and I would leave school for lunch and walk to Bagelicious for some of the absolute BEST bagels in Ocean County. They dont have a website or anything but I can say that if you are visiting Point Pleasant this is the place for a very quick breakfast.

Bagelicious Point Pleasant Boro, NJ

8. The Mill in Spring Lake
Previously known as The Old Mill Inn
101 Old Mill Road
Spring Lake, NJ

This is not the place to go for an everyday meal but for special occassions this was one of the most amazing places I could remember. From the amazing service to the phenomenal food and wine selections this is definitely one of the places I would consider going the night I graduate from law school.

The Mill Spring Lake, NJ

9. The Inkwell
665 2nd Avenue
Long Branch, NJ

Another place that doesnt have a website but if you lived in Jersey near the shore – you KNOW what the inkwell is. Some of the BEST coffee and late night grub that any drunken kid could possibly want at 1AM.

The Inkwell Long Branch NJ

10. The Stone Pony
913 Ocean Ave
Asbury Park

I spent many a night and day in this place when in my 20s. So many bands so many videos and many very good memories as well as a few of certain people I can live without seeing ever again. Whether the rumors I heard about the Pony are true or not I suppose I will find out soon enough but for now I will always love The Pony – especially since I lived a mere two blocks from there in my early 20s.

The Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ

And since there was one other place that at least deserved an honorable mention…

Delicious Orchards
Route 34 South
Colts Neck, NJ

I do truly think that this is a Monmouth County Treasure. Absolutely the most amazing baked goods, freshest veggies and fruits and the most memorable times of my youth walking through the orchards and fields to pick my own things.

Delicious Orchards Colts Neck NJ