The Start of Summer in Las Vegas

The Summer has officially started in Vegas. The pools are all open now. The heat is consistently uncomfortable and bordering on a temperature which is impossible to tolerate.

In an effort to make the best of the last summer here, I decided to try to take a summer course again. I enrolled in a class called Culture and Cuisine. What a mistake!!!! Once again UNLV has done nothing shy of shocking the shit out of me. This is a 3 week semester therefore the time and effort you have to dedicate rarely ever even out to the credits you will receive.

This class was no different. I sat in a classroom at 8AM Monday through Friday till about 10:30AM. I found this to be increasingly more difficult when I work till about 3 in the morning. But I pressed myself through till the very end and now I wait to see if this class alone brought my GPA back up. Since now all the classes I will be taking will be taken in order to fix what damage was done by two of the worst instructors I had ever had in my college career.

The days and dreams of me graduating in Vegas are over but it is for the best since this is not the kind of college you want to graduate from if you are a Philosophy major.

I spent almost $700 on a summer class at UNLV. This is ridiculous to me considering the caliber of education you receive at this school is mediocre at best. And this class for instance was the biggest joke of all. The first part being that I was required to do three large scale projects. Second part being that once again – UNLV being a substandard learning facility decides to FAIL you if you miss more than 1 class. So in essence I pay them to fail me if I decided that I dont want to go to every class. Lovely right??????

Then my favorite – this class required me to WORK for them during a Tahitian Festival over Memorial Day weekend. So starting on Friday – the kick-off of a weekend that would be very lucrative for me at my job – was spent cooking in a hot ass kitchen. Why this was a necessity I will never know. Saturday was more of the same and Sunday as well.

By the end of the class what I came to understand was that I paid $700 to be a worker for an event and if I had not went to every class I would have wasted the money and never received the grade. However, I do feel as though it should be an automatic A just for working the festival.