Step One for TTC

Step One for Trying to Conceive a Baby

So although the decision has been made to have a baby – we soon found out that the deciding part is the easy part.  Preparing and actually getting pregnant would be the harder part.

Our fears rose when we read so many times that there would be difficulties in getting pregnant because of my age.  Will we be able to get pregnant at all?  I did hours of research regarding the potential for conceiving fast and easy.  It appears that there are no sure fire plans out there at all.  I researched the diet and vitamins that are suggested as well as lifestyle suggestions.

So I started first with the pre-natal vitamins – my hair and nails and skin have never looked better.   My hair and nails are growing like weeds and it is a great thing since the brilliant idea of chopping my hair off a year ago ended up being a huge mistake.  I never liked having long hair but this is not an issue at all anymore.  My hair went from 2 inches long to just shy of my chin in less than 2 months.

In addition to the pre-natal vitamins I started monitoring my periods and charting my ovulation.  I am able to tell exactly what days I am fertile and when it would be a waste of time to try.  But in order to be sure I did buy about 50 ovulation tests.  I do the tests for about 3 days a month now and have found the exact days and log it.

Another thing I try to do is eat only what I need and not to eat junk.  Everywhere I have looked for information of easy conception said not to mistreat my body.  So since meats and heavy proteins don’t do too well with me, I am trying to eat only what allows me to maintain my energy.  Lots of vegetables and fruits and lots of exercise.

Now we are only a month from our first try.  Hopefully because of all the lifestyle changes and monitoring I will be able to be a small percentage and conceive in the first three months.

With fingers crossed…