Solar Panels are ugly

While having a conversation with a city planner whom is a client of mine at work, I brought up the question of the advancement of Las Vegas.

Now mind you that you Las Vegas was really didnt take off so to speak until approximately 1989 when the first modern casino was built – The Mirage – but it amazes me that with the late modernization of the city that we in general are the slowest in updating our natural resource driven energy supply. 

My point is that Las Vegas is constantly under the direct sun.  The parks do not have trees since it would take water to care for them.  The homes are in direct sunlight.  So in general I wanted to know why none of the casinos in their cheap ass ways of low pay and high demand don’t opt for solar panels to assist powering them. 

The response from the city planner floored me to be honest.  He said that the main reason quoted by the planner that was commonly told to him when he broached the subject was that they all felt as though “Solar Panels were ugly, unattractive, and offensive to the eyes of their guests”

Since when the hell do people care what the roof is going to look like?  Last I checked with all the now catastrophic changes to this planet and the wasteful usage of natural resources like fossil fuel and water - many people would be much more impressed with a casino owner that acted like they were compassionate about the environment – and in turn we the consumer would feel as though they cared at least a minutia and be more apt to stay at that particular casino.

Not everyone is obsessed with the concept of casino glitz.  The conceptual ideal that the casino owners supposedly had a few years back was to make Las Vegas more than just a gambler’s paradise.  They wanted each casino to be a resort in and of itself.  Well – all things considered – it doesnt seem to have been a success.  If I had to choose this city over any other city for a vacation – this would be the bottom of the list.  This city is environmentally hazardous and ridiculously wasteful.

I am completely fed up with the vanity of the people in this City.  It disgusts me to see that the only thing that crosses the mind of business owners is all a mirage. 

Not to mention that reclycling actually COSTS people here.  We have to PAY for the service to pick up our recycling.  It isnt mandatory like it is in many other places I’ve lived.

Get your head’s out of your asses Vegas and wake up!!

Of course then again when you look at idiots like Glenn Beck and his claim that there is no such thing as global warming, what can you really expect. He had the audacity to show a scene from the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” and claimed that these are the scenes that Al Gore was using as scare tactics. What an idiot! How about you tell the victims of Hurricane Katrina, the victims of the Tsunami last Christmas as well as the many others who are falling victim every few months to the natural catastopheres.