Saddest thing about what happened in Haiti

The catastrophe in Haiti has created a new level of spam emails. Within the first 36 hours I received more than 30 emails from people telling me that I was listed as a beneficiary of $2.7 million in a person’s documentation.

But not only did this experience set me off in a whirlwind of anger that was absolutely unprecedented. I was sickened when I heard the theories of religious leaders stating that we should not help the Haitians because of their pact with the devil.

Not to mention the amount of complaining that the US citizens did regarding the money that we would be sending them. The complaints were audastic enough to compare our economic woes to those of the people of Haiti who had little left of their entire country. It was absolutely disgusting for us to compare our small quantity of suffering with the struggling economy to those of the Haitians who would lose many people to the disaster.

We are spoiled. We are self centered. We are arrogant to believe that a suffering human who may not be saved does not deserve our help because people are unemployed or attempted to live beyond our means with the purchasing of homes that we would have to eventually sell, owning of cars that were more expensive to keep and using credit cards to buy our newest brand name jeans and pocketbooks.

If we had learned about the value of life over the value of vanity we would not be in the same place. Our experiences in our lives and with those we love would be worth more than the latest jeans or boots or sunglasses.

A club opened here in Vegas called Vanity. To me this epitomizes the issues at hand. How can we be pushing this philosophy of life? Do we not feel ashamed of the type of people we have become? We are so obsessed with the celebrity life style that we – the common middle class people – are attempting to live our lives the same as they do as if we also make over $5 million a year.

Isn’t it about time that we re-think our stand on our outlook on the rest of humanity and perhaps become more human ourselves?