Taking Pride

You may think
on certain days
over the course of a week
or even a year that
you have lost time

That you cant take back
what you have done that wasted
your precious time.

Time isnt precious though
life is precious
experiences are priceless
change is inevitable
and nothing will last forever

Insanity is part of knowing you are alive
and only those who have knowledge
are those considered insane

they can accept the world for the chaos
and hate that it projects into our souls
somehow we fill our souls with just this hate.

Each morning we awake thinking
we consider the fact that it is a new day
What will we say when it is the same
the same as it was the day before

Will we curse the day?
Will we accept our fate?
To curse the reality is to live an inauthentic life
To accept the reality is to live authentically

What does this mean
it means that you are living for the sake of living
not for the sake of gain or loss.

Each day we fight
with each other and ourselves
never accepting who we are
we choose to abuse ourselves
calling ourselves fat or ugly
escaping life wtih drugs alcohol or a vice of your choice.

AA, NA, OA, GA – but we need them all.
We are too busy escaping
Escaping ourselves
escaping reality