Pork Roll Taylor Ham is Jersey bacon

How do they live without pork roll…

I can’t figure out why it hasn’t caught on anywhere else, Allot of people up talk about visiting Jersey and having Taylor Ham/ Pork Roll and they always say how delicious it was!

Taylor Ham is a sort of chopped-and-shaped pink sausage — closer to bacon in taste than “ham.” It is normally served for breakfast or late night ballast after drinking. Its texture is closer to sausage than ham — like a hamburger, there are no fatty bits; the texture is uniform.

It is terrible for you, will probably send you to an early grave, and is delicious beyond comprehension. Most people avoid it by description; I have yet to encounter someone who tries it and then says, “this isn’t for me.”

It is greasy, salty, and excellent.

It can be bought in loaf form (you’d slice discs off of it and fry them up, once you’ve scored the edges – MAKE SURE TO SCORE THE EDGES or it will curl up and cook improperly) or pre-sliced in supermakets, near the breakfast meats section usually. Alternately you can order it in sandwiches from many places (it was occasionally served in sandwich form for lunch at my high school.)

This is a song about one of the more popular uses of it Ween – Pork Roll, Egg, And Cheese.

This is a photograph of it

This is the most traditional packaging; there are other forms.

Mostly it is discussed as New Jerseyana, but frankly I just think it is one of the most delicious, decadent things on planet earth. I like to have it with fried eggs. I only allow myself to consume it once a year; but it is a big event in my house when I do.

I hate to say it, but if I had to choose between bacon and Taylor Ham, Taylor Ham would win.

Note that “pork roll” is often a synonym — this is sometimes used to indicate a different brand of Taylor Ham than the Trenton-produced brand which is the standard.

Please note – sometimes local stuff people rave about, they rave about because the food is weird or considered gross outside the region. This is not the case with Taylor Ham. Taylor Ham should be wildly more popular than it is, because it has a savory taste that cannot be beat.

Some call it Taylor Ham, food from the old country.

I call it Jersey bacon.

Taylor Pork Roll (pre-sliced)

Taylor Pork Roll (pre-sliced)

  • Each 6oz package contains 8 slices of pork roll for a total of 96 slices.
  • Packs are individually Cry-O-Vac for long freezer life.
  • Perfect for making those famous NJ shore boardwalk pork roll sandwiches.
  • Ideal package for splitting with a friend.
  • Great gift for former Philadelphians.

12 individual packages of Taylor Pork Roll that’s already sliced.
Shipped via UPS express

List Price: $ 55.00

Price: $ 55.00

Taylor Pork Roll Also Known As Taylor Ham

Taylor Pork Roll Also Known As Taylor Ham

  • Pork roll is generally sold in 1, 1.5, and 3 lb
  • A 1910 legal case ruled that the words “Pork Roll” could not be trademarked
  • Pork roll can also be used in many recipes
  • Case’s was reportedly packaged in corn husks
  • The product is generally eaten sliced and pan-fried or grilled

We ship you an entire box containing 12 pounds (cut into four 3 pound pieces and vacuum sealed for a long freezer life) of Pork Roll. Keep some out for immediate use and freeze the rest for those future urges. Taylor Pork Roll is shipped frozen via UPS in an insulated cooler with additional gel packs to maintain refrigeration during shipping.

List Price: $ 179.00

Price: $ 179.00