PART TWO Top 20 Eats of New York City

Second Installation of the Top 20 Eats in New York City.

Teriyaki Boy
18 Lexington Ave
New York NY

A quick CHEAP and very filling meal. If I wasn’t super starving but just hungry enough I would get the No. 1 Combination meal with teriyaki chicken, white rice, a small salad and a California roll. All that for only $6.50. BUT if I was really super starving and wanted to completely gorge myself on quick cheap Japanese food I would order the No 13 combination meal with teriyaki chicken, white rice, tempura shrimp and vegetables, a salad and a California roll. All for $9.50. There was never a place that could replace this deal as far as a super fast nutritious and cheap meal is concerned. McDonalds eat your heart out.

Teriyaki Boy

870 Broadway
New York, NY

It never mattered what the hell burger I chose that day – ALL the burgers were just unbelievable. West coasters this is a true rival to In and Out Burger. But the only difference is that Goodburger beats their ass!!!! The cheeseburgers, cheese fries and the amazing Lime Rickey!!!! I can’t stress this enough – the day I drive into NYC to see my family I will be stopping here and hopefully the owners will read this one day and know that I have thought many times of my pre-work meals at their spot and how dear I hold their burgers. Stop whining people – eat one and you will see what I mean!


Clancy’s Pub
978 Second Ave
New York, NY

My work buddy and I would come here every other Friday afternoon after work for a few drinks or a quick dinner before I would stop off and some random store to buy an outfit to visit my favorite local downtown club. I would eat something greasy and then be able to go out that night and drink without getting sick. The people, food and drink are all just amazing here. Don’t miss it if you go to Midtown NYC


Gray’s Papaya

2020 Broadway
NY, NY 10023

I know typical right? Not really though. There is nothing typical about the love a person has for Gray’s Papaya. I can remember my first one as well as my last one before driving out to Vegas. The things you can miss most of all is the quickness, the onions and the amazing snap of the dogs themselves. Nothing beats this place for super super cheap!

Gray's Papaya

Milon Restaurant
93 1st Avenue
New York, NY

This is located in the neighborhood of the East Village known as either Curry Row or India Row – where all of the most authentic Indian food places are located. This particular place was unbelievable. You see TWO men standing outside of two places on a second floor of a building. Each one trying to lure you into their own establishment. However we tried both – and one just ended up being our favorite. We would start with the Alu Paratha which is a flatbread stuffed with potato and onion. Yum!!! Then onto the Mulligatawny soup and Chicken Tandoori (white meat) which was of course served with a pile of other sides and a Lassi to drink, which is yogurt with rose water. Absolutely something to try – you might just love it as much as I do. And we would finish the meal with the Mango Ice Cream. They were so affordable and the service was uncomparable.


To Be Continued…..