PART ONE Top 20 Eats In New York City

These are the first five of the top 20 Eats in NYC.

Champion Chicken
2120 Bartow Ave
Bronx, NY 10475
(718) 379-2900

This is one of the most amazing places I used to go in the Bronx. My hubby brought me here back in 2003 and it grew on me immediately. The chicken was amazing. Rotisserie style, and always ask for both the BBQ and the hot sauce on the chicken. I would also get my sides as sweet plantains, rice and beans, served with a big chunky piece of cornbread. All together this was one of the best quick meals ever.

Champion Chicken Co-op City

La Caridad Restaurant
White Plains Road
Bronx, NY

I had one hell of a time finding this place on the internet. It is literally another one of those really sacred hole in the wall places that in order to find it you had to go and track it down or know someone who knew about it. This is a traditional latin food oasis. Nothing has been Americanized with cheeses and cream sauces. Everything is still traditional and hand made. Mind you this is NOT Mexican food. Some meals may be cross over reflective but not actual Mexican. If you are looking for one hell of a great meal with an amazingly low price this is a treasure.

La Caridad

Jekyll & Hyde
91 7th Avenue South
New York, NY

Now I am NOT choosing this for the little theme thing. I choose this place because there were some of the most kick ass bartenders there when we used to go here for our jobs that would start after the restaurant closed. The French Onion Soup is the absolute best, the chicken fingers beat most of the other places in the area. And their beer selections are great as well. As long as you are there on vacation, I do say go for it. Just try it out. With the bathrooms being obscured into the walls by false bookshelves and the stools at the bar that will randomly lift and shrink you up and down for no reason at all, the entertainment is also worth it.

Jekyll & Hyde

Tio Pepe
168 West 4th St
New York, NY

If you know this place – you love it. If you don’t? FIND IT!! The food is cheap and amazingly good – the drinks are moderately priced with some good deals and the best part is that you can sit fairly isolated or next to a group of people. But no matter what – having a really bad day or bad week – this place will definitely raise your spirits.

Tio Pepe

Emilio’s Pizza
1051 Morris Park
Bronx, NY

This is one of the jewels of the Bronx. I adored the pizza in this place. We would leave Dolphin Gym and walk home and on the way stop off for a slice. I could never pass it up no matter how fast I needed to drop 5 pounds for the next big event coming up. From the sauce to the cheese to the amazing crust this was hands down the absolute best pizza. All the other meals and subs were equally as mind blowing and taste bud exploding. I just hope they will still be there when we get home.