One Semester at UNLV Down – Too Many to go

I finished my last final exam yesterday.  I had made a stupid mistake when I was younger….you see I am a 35 year old woman who finished her first AAS degree in 2001.  I had the opportunity to go on to finish a BA but I sat on my fat ass and never bothered to finish.  I was not too smart back then.

I was thinking that with an AAS I could work and get paid well.

HAHAHAHA not so much.  It turned out that even a paralegal will be treated better and will definitely be cherished if they have a bachelors degree.

So for those women out there reading this blog – DONT GIVE IN.  If you are my age or a little older or younger – dont be scared of going back to school.  If you want to go to school – GO BACK!!! Sure its hard – but it was just as hard when you were 18.

I took Sociology, Anthropology, Critical Thinking and Spanish.  I passed all of them.  I didnt pass math ut then again I was never good at math so what made me think I would all of a sudden be good at it?  Who the hell knows.

Im not saying that if you are 50 and you want to be a doctor that the concept will be possible but think about it….

You arent happy as a secretary or receptionist or retail sales person – what is your dream job?

Be a business major, be a paralegal, be a dental assistant – anything that you want is possible in this life.  Dont think that your age should be a deciding factor.  It isnt.  All that is – is your drive.

Do you think it was easy for my first semester back to lose 2 jobs in a month and have no money to pay my bills?  I tailored my class schedule for one job and couldnt get a job till I finished this semester.  I hung in there. You will too.  Its all about how bad you want it.

Ladies this is your chance to pave a road for future women.  Your daughters will be thankful that you threw yourself into a future plan.  Trust me – my step daughter is changing her life goals from watching me.