Official Anatomy Scan 21 weeks

[ad#336×280]It was about that time to see whether this little bundle of heartburn and constipation was progressing normally so in we went for the official halfway point anatomy scan.

After all the posts I read all over the internet that stated that eating before a scan was good – I of course didn’t.  I was there starving!!! But they claim that the less you eat the more difficulty the ultra sound technician will have in the scan.  All I can say ladies is – don’t believe what they say!!! The scan will depend on the baby not the food intake.

As we sat there and waited for the technician to come into the room we stared at the black screen that would soon broadcast the ultrasound of our child.  Our son.

When they finally came in we were told that we could not videotape his movements until the doctor came for confidentiality reasons.  Ummmmm we are the only ones there and we made him so whatever….

As we sat watching the technician taking measurements of each part of his tiny body we laughed at all the odd little jerks and tugs he would do.  All his body parts were there and accounted for.  An hour after we started the scan it was all over.  He even waved at us again and we got to see his little feet and hands.  He loves to have his hands balled into fists covering his little face like a boxer.

When we finally got the few pictures we would get, we went to the other phlebotomist for the larger panel blood work.  She would be able to verify all of my true risk factors with the baby and we would know if he was a special needs baby soon.

Not quite as much blood as the first time but still a considerable amount all the same.  As we left we laughed at how strange it is that I have a small human being in my body who is setting up residency for the next 19 weeks and will someday be in our lives.  The reality of our future had not set in at all but fact that this baby now had an identity and had a real face and hands was enough to trigger us both into a state of disbelief.

What this did was force us to reconsider where we were living and in the situation we were in.  It was time to bust our butts to get our own place as soon as possible.