Ode to the Clueless – The Girls of Las Vegas

Walking – head held high – showing

confidence with your greasy slimy

string you call hair ever so

carefully placed with clips and pins


80’s dress reminiscent of

Daisy Duke

Too bad you aren’t old enough

To understand the reference


Ass cheeks on display

Peeking out from your dated denim shorts

Awful cowboy boots?


I am no fashionista but

Humility and self respect dictate my attire

You look like a candidate for

What Not to Wear…


See through white “blouse”?

A hot pink bra?

Almost the same size as a 12 year old girl


Bangle bracelets clanking, boots clunking

Cheeks watery and jiggling

Nipples poking


Confidence – unbearable – unfounded

Walking with purpose

Embarrassing real woman


This is the symbol of Las Vegas

This is what you see everyday

The reasons why men will ask for sex

From a nun in Las Vegas


Even the mousey, meek and putridly thin

Will dress and strut like typical hookers

looking for their next John…