Muscle weighs more than fat debate

“This is why I hate it when people think weight is everything. When you are obese, yes, you will be losing weight, but you are putting on muscle at the same time. The only difference is that when you are above normal BMI, you will be losing more weight in fat than you gain from muscle.

My BMI is higher than normal because of muscle and not fat and that drives me a little crazy. When you reach normal BMI it is usually all cosmetic to determine if you are ‘losing weight’.”

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The Difference between Muscle and Fat

“BMI doesn’t actually work, you need to go and do a series of complex experiments at a physisian’s clinic, for example they shoot pressurised air at you and see how much your skin moves etc.”

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    Q:Does muscle really weigh more than fat? Muscle does not weigh more than fat, any more than lead weighs more than feathers. A pound is a pound is a pound.

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    (Sometimes a reader will email me a question that requires a full article to answer properly, and sometimes it’s an answer that I think many people will benefit

So what do you think is muscle heavier than fat?

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