Beautiful Models Only to Apply Las Vegas Nevada

So the saga continues…..

As I sit here in my jail called Vegas, going to college everyday and killing myself to get a 3.6 GPA, I watch Craigslist.  Sure I have a job but you see I am a Pre-Law major at this college.  This college in itself is a pretty big joke but who can complain for such cheap tuition…

So back onto the subject at hand….

On Craigslist lately Ive been seeing some ridiculous ads and from the point of view of an attractive female with an apple butt these ads are disciminatory…


Here is number 1

New Bar Opening 8/1 (LV)
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Date: 2009-06-23, 6:21AM PDT

New topless bar set to open 8/1. We will be open 24 hours/7 days a week. Currently seeking cocktail waitresses, bartenders. and dancers. Must be comfortable in small shorts and topless. Oppurtunity to make great money. Please send resume and photo to be considered for an interview.

Also, very soon we will be holding open interviews for bussing, kitchen, and barback positions. Keep checking back.

Number 2

Eye Candy” Hostess Needed (Las Vegas, NV)
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Date: 2009-06-18, 5:03AM PDT

Looking for beautiful women 18-30 to work in a club like environment. Get paid nightly.. email pictures to email address or call for an interview. 702 834 0229 ask for Jay he is my manger

Number 3 and this one really floored me

Opportunity for beautiful, Experienced Female Servers/Bartenders (Las Vegas)

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Date: 2009-06-12, 6:44AM PDT

We are seeking beautiful women with hosting, serving/bottle service and bartending experience to work in a thriving upscale restaurant/nightclub located in the epicenter of Las Vegas nightlife. We have a impeccable reputation for excellent food, a great ambiance, and outstanding customer service, and are looking for new members to the team.

Applicants should be body conscious and comfortable with tasetfully showcasing their assets in both a fine dining and club type atmosphere.

This is an image-based town, and the proper look is a very important part of establishing a successful business. Please only apply if you have model good looks and have a restaurant savvy skill set to go along with them. Model/Actress types preferred and 4 years restaurant/bar experience is required. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DO NOT MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS.

Please forward your resume with a photo (Candid or professional) for consideration. Only responses with both photo and resume will be considered.
This ad is for WOMEN ONLY. Thank you


First of all this is totally illegal and discriminatory.  But such is life in Vegas.  If you are slightly pudgy in the ass you will not be hired regardless of the fact that you may have a gorgeous face and wonderful breasts.

Here is Number 4

$$$$Hot Girl Sign Holder $$$$$$ (Henderson)

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Date: 2009-06-11, 9:04PM PDT

Easy job !!!!! Just need to look good !!! Work Thur -Sun 10 am -6 pm Or can adjust hours to your needs within reason . Great Carwash in Henderson. Oasis Auto Spa 3032 Candelaria Dr. Behind Fados/Golds Gym. One street south of Serene on Eastern. Apply In Person


So ladies if you are desperate and seeking to move here to Vegas – go on a diet or be willing to get liposuction and breast implants and be BLONDE.  For some reason this is not caught in the government here.  Discrimination is common place and people here just accept it as it is.

But just so I can show off and rat this city out I have located the ACT that concerns this issue and want for you all to know what it is before you think that what you read above is legal because that’s what the business owners THINK that they are allowed to do “cuz this is a visual town”

Now mind you that this is NOT a new thing.  The original was signed in I believe 1975 or 74.  It was NOT all incompassing but now it is.  The States CANNOT make its own rules with this.  They tried but to no avail.  When the government itself  can restrict based on sex because of a certain job it is obviously miscontrued to be ok for the Private business owner.

Look I know that looks matter in a vanity driven city.  But really?  I worked in NYC assisting my husband in throwing some of the most wildly successful underground parties and NOT everyone was perfectly beautiful and here’s the kicker….the ones that had the big asses made a lot of friends and had more than their fair share of admirers….


Equal Opportunity Act (1995). The act and subsequent amendments make it unlawful for an employer (or potential employer) to discriminate against a person of the grounds of startus or private life.These things include:
– pregnancy status
– physical or mental impairment
– race
– religion
– industrial activity (eg, belonging to a union etc)
– lawful sexual activity/sexual orientation (who you sleep with)
physical features
– martial, parental or career status
– breastfeeding
– gender identity
– association with a person identified with one of these grounds.
The Equal Opportunity Act (1995) impacts on the selection of people to work in a business (advertising and interviewing processes in particular) and the activities undertaken once in employment.

So tell me…if theses anti-discrimination laws are in place, how can Vegas business owners get away with these business practices???  Nevada has reached its highest level of unemployment since 1982 – 11.4%.  How can this be?  Look at the ads being placed.  How can it be approved by the government for these people to be able to do this?  Perpetuation of the issue by not concerning themselves with this form of discrimination merely makes more people beg for unemployment benefits.  But I guess this city has to bottom out for this city for wake up.