LOL How they watch movies in india

How they watch movies in india

I have seen this plenty in India. Especially if it’s a movie in which RajiniKanth is in. He is known as “Superstar” Rajinikanth. and when his name appears on the opening credits they always have a shiny “SUPERSTAR” text appear, and you could hear and see the audience go mental with all the whistles and cheers.

Now that was India. I get it. What took me completely off guard was when i was in London went to watch one of his new films, i think it’s called Robot. I guess it was an area in London with a big Tamil community. and guess what – the audience went mental there as well. Everyone standing up and cheering! (not as crazy as the video posted by OP though). I am usually known to be the type who even hates people making sounds when they munch pop corns. but here i am, in London watching this tamil movie, participating in the loud chanting to SUPERSTAR RAJINI SIR! And the best part? i bought some nachos and the guy next to me grabbed it and passed it on. at first i was like WTF, but then not even a minutes goes by someone from behind taps my shoulder and hands me a fresh plate of nachos. this continued till by the end of the 3 hour movie i had an endless supply of free nachos. who kept buying them? and what happend to my ones?”

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