The Las Vegas Business Licensing Thing

The one thing about Las Vegas
that absolutely galls me to no end
is the business license requirements.

You see I am an independent
massage therapist.  I have my
national certification and Nevada
State Massage Therapist license.
In addition I was required to get
a health card which made it
necessary to get three shots for
Hepatitis and one TB test.  $75 later I find out that the card is no longer needed in order to work as a massage therapist.  Jack asses.  How is this possible.

Massage is my bare hands touching another persons bare skin.   This is out of control.  How does this make sense?  Maybe by today while you are reading this article they reinstated the health card who knows……

Next they tell me that in order to work as an independent massage therapist I need to be registered with the State of Nevada Department of Taxation. $100 (But the raised this cost to $150 a year this past summer) and yet still there is more.

So now you see I have invested $15,000 into school.  $350 for the certification test. $125 for the background check and then $275 for the license to be processed.  About 4 months to 6 months later the State Massage Board will send you a license.

Now the next step is that you need to get a City License – however, it has been difficult to obtain this.  Its odd and very awkward.  If you are not a home owner but a renter you have to basically beg your landlord to give you permission to merely hang your business license in your house.  And of course seeing the fact that your home may be in a specific neighborhood you will also need to get a certificate of occupancy for your home.  This to me sounds ridiculous.  So I went to the City Planner today to get this form – $50.  Then I was supposed to run like hell to go over to the City Hall to get my business license completely reinstated.  Another $30.  But of course because they sent me all over down town Las Vegas I got NOTHING done.

So now on Monday after paying my tuition for classes that start that morning then attending that class I am forced to go back to City Hall and spend $2.00 to pay for a license.  Then off to County Government Center for a County License.

Another $130.  So at this point I have to think about the investment I have made.  I decided to do this for the sake of my sanity while I work through college.  It is so frustrating though.

Even to bartend in this city I needed to get a TAM card that stated that I could tell when a moron was too drunk to handle another drink. $75.  Then not to mention the sheriffs card that you have to go and get fingerprinted for and hope that for some reason your prints are not attached to some other criminal act.  At the very least you end up having to pay an additional $45.

This city loves to be able to assume that the desperate people in this city who want a job but are not beautiful enough or plastic enough to get the good jobs will jump through hoops of fire and pay through their noses in order to pay taxes and bust their asses.

I was smart – I saved money for this reason over the past 3 years.  I can afford these fees.  But tell me – who the hell can afford all these license fees when they are already unemployed and struggling to keep their head above water and maintain a home and a semi- full stomach.

Last time I checked we are still in a recession thanks to George Junior the Wondernut.  The unemployment statistics are the highest that they have been since 1982.  This is absolutely ludacris for a city that receives millions in tax revenues from the casinos who are on practically every corner of this city to ask for private citizens to bleed out their financial viens with the millions of license requirments.

But of course – then again – who am I?  Just another sucker who was lured here to make money that doesn’t exist if you arent willing to lay on your back or take your clothes off for money……..