The Journey to Conceive a Baby Part 2


So onto the website we hawked over time and time again for pregnancy things…..

After hearing that my friends would make me fertility bracelets and there were other herbal things to take and burn we kept trying.

By the end of September and the beginning of October I had purchased a huge fetility pack from

We also purchased pre-natal vitamins and folic acid for me.

Still there was nothing.  We continued to take ovulation tests daily for months and I even took it so far as to take addition FST tests to tell me if I was perimenopausal. 

All in all we were close to giving up completely by the end of October due to the amount of stress and multiple disappointments and decided that if there was no change that we would just stop trying for a while. 

In mid December we were packing and moving 2,790 miles back to NYC and therefore did not have any interest or desire to try for a baby until we were home for a while.

Upon our arrival we took inventory of what we needed to do in order to settle down and had finally decided to be more pro-active to get this baby.

The purchase of the following items were done at that time and we tried 4 times a week in the meantime.

1. At home sperm count test

2. Folic Acid

3. Pre-Seed lubricant

4. Soft Cups for use after intercourse

5. New pillows for under my tush

6. Lydia Pinkham Tonic for women

7. Basal Body Thermometer.

So all these items were in our arsenal and we continued to try like hell for January and February using all these things at the same time.

By the end of February my first long term temp position was ended and we started to get a little scared of where I would get a real job. But in the meantime while I hunted we took advantage of all the extra time and got busy more often.


By mid March not only had I been on multiple interviews but I received a solid lead on a job.  The first week in April we were due for a period and I got my job offer and not to mention my birthday was at the end of the month and I would be turning 37. 

I signed my contract for employment on Friday and took the home pregnancy test on Sunday morning ….IT WAS POSITIVE.

Now whether the timing was just better, the position was better or the many things we tried using were responsible ….we had finally conceived.