The Journey to Conceive a Baby Part 1

Now I know that my age was definitely going to have a big impact on whether we would conceive right away or not.  I was 35 when the initial decision was made to try for a baby.  We knew we would start trying before we left Vegas.  Approximate start month was June.  Needless to say – just wanting to conceive was not enough.  Planning by looking at maternity clothes and baby stuff was not going to help either but at the time I was completely delusional.  

In June I was 36 and trying to do the baby thing for the first time.  It was a rough and complicated road.  I scheduled a GYN appointment and all the prescribed things that they tell a couple to do when trying to conceive.  So we started our journey in hopes of being called mommy and daddy within a year or so.  

The first month I was almost overwhelmed.  I was sick many times and felt rather sluggish.  I went to buy a pregnancy test from the local drug store and was so happy when I saw a positive.  Unfortunately this was very short lived since not even 7 hours later while I was at work I got horrible cramps and pain shooting through my left side and bled like I had never bled before.

The panic set in and I realized that there was nothing left.  From there we decided to look into the other options to conceive a baby.  Starting with the Ovulation predictor kits and basal body temperature charts.

I found the site and bought a large scale kit that had lots of ovulation and pregnancy pee sticks and foraged ahead into the next month while I waited patiently to see my GYN.  

In the process of peeing on sticks twice a day and checking for fertile days – we read lots about the other things that could be causing the whole miss we kept encountering.  

First on the list was the hours I worked – I was at work usually from 9PM till 3 or even 4AM.  Not good for a woman trying to conceive – it may disrupt your ovulation.

Second was the constant exposure to cigarette smoke.  – Equally as damaging to your egg supply.

Third was the amount of swimmers my hubby had – were they healthy or not or were all those hot epsom salt baths killing the poor little suckers.  

But first thing was first – we waited to see the Dr.  who after a quick exam and question and answer session – was able to say without a doubt that I was perfectly fine and healthy to have a baby.  There was nothing that would make me high risk that he could see so that I was to just relax and enjoy the process.  

But by the end of the month that whole relax thing was impossible and the stress of every day life was mounting.

Mind you at this point we had made it all the way through until August and the desert was still sweltering.  The hubby had suggested we do a sperm count test on him and there was more and more research done……