Iphone Apple iOS 6 vs. Galaxy Android Jelly Bean


In this video we compare Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on the Galaxy Nexus with iOS 6 running on the iPhone 5. These operating systems are very different. Android has a more much flexible and useful notification shade, a better one-stop content store, and the ultimate level of control and flexibility. iOS 6 on the other hand has a comprehensive cloud solution with iCloud, a more simple user interface, and a voice service feature (Siri) which can work more deeply into the phone when compared to Android’s solution.

“I’ve always categorized it like this: Android is to IOS as Automatic transmissions are to Manual transmissions. There is no one true “better” system, it all depends on your preference. I have a Droid and my mom had one too. I love mine, she hates hers. For her I’d definitely say and iPhone is better simply because it’s easier to use whereas I like the flexibility and control I have over my Droid.”

“So to summarise:

Android Jelly Bean:

far more customisable, superior notifications centre, one central appstore, more user friendly appstore, Google Now better than Siri (also imo Google Maps better than iOS Maps)

iOS 6:

iCloud – more extensive cloud based service.

Draw your own conclusions.”

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