Short Skirts? Tight Shirts? Bikinis?

So out of curiosity I started to ask around about the uniform requirments for the jobs here in Las Vegas.  It occurred to me that the requirements for “model” had to be about something else as well as just the person’s physical beauty.

I found this to be a confusion of job titles.  How does a uniform consisting of a short skirt with thigh high boots and tight tank tops have anything at all to do with professional massage???? Obviously the therapist would have to weigh the same as a model since the fat girls have cottage cheese ass and thighs.

So we will continue to perpetuate this horrible stereotype to the world that we all need to be Kate Moss skinny?  Last I checked the heroin addict look was down the tubes.  But then again the actresses that we idolize look like they havent eaten in weeks so how can we deem the look of a female appropriate if they arent a size 0? 

What is sanitary about having a mostly naked female pouring your drinks and serving your food too?  The more skin the more exposure to their body funk.  Bikini bartenders?????  EWWWWW can’t say I want that much skin near the rim of my glass.  I dont know what these people have wrong with them. Necrotizing Fasciatis?

Does a bikini?  A short booty showing skirt?  A tight low cut shirt?  Are any of these uniforms relevant to a job performance?

Is a beautiful woman really going to be caught slinging drinks?  And doing this job better than a woman who loves bartending?  Is a hunky muscular man going to do a better job as a server than a skinny or chubby one?

I have been in places that are a haven for the beautiful.  And to be honest? The service was awful.  The females thought that they could ignore me and be rude and flirt shamelessly with the males at my table.  And vice versa.  I have brought my husband to dinners at various restaurants where the waiter has been a “model” and he treated my husband as if he was nothing but an obstacle.  But in both cases our orders were screwed up and when I told them so they caught attitude and a manager had to be called in.

But getting a fat girl or boy as a server or even those servers were at the least rather average (for women this means being about a size 7-10) – my order has been flawless and the service was exceptional.  I want service to be at the very least good – not substandard.  If I wanted substandard I would go to McDonalds not Carluccio’s.

So the question remains….does a model give better service? Not a prayer….