Idiot Employers in Las Vegas

So what the hell is it with the employers in the place?

With the condition of this city as well as the country for that matter, the employers of this city still only want to hire those that promote the facade of Las Vegas being a city full of beautiful women.

Here are a few of the ads for employment i’ve seen lately….


Trendy, fast-paced ultra-lounge looking to hire VIP Host/Hostess and Bartender.

Modeling experience a plus…but not required.

Please submit your resume via email.

Silverton Casino is seeking qualified candidates for their new high-energy bar. VIP Model Flair Bartenders will have two yrs of competitive flair bartending exp. VIP Model Apprentice Bartenders will have previous entertainment, modeling and/or public relations exp and should love to perform. Only energetic candidates with a love for interacting with guests should apply.


So this is normal on what freakin planet?  How is this ok?  To me this is discriminatory but to women in Vegas this is all ok.  But let’s be honest – the women here are NOT all model material. With a full buffet available 24/7 here do you expect all the women to have self control?

Seriously folks, not to be rude here but GET YOUR FREAKIN HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES!!! Do you really think what you see on TV or in movies is really here?  Get a freakin clue if you do!  A recent study put Las Vegas as one of the UNHEALTHIEST cities in the nation.

How you may ask is this possible?  Well lets see – 24 hour alcohol, drugs available from a local dealer at almost every club city wide including from the hosts and employees.  Not only the booze and drugs but the 24/7 buffets as well as the lack of public transportation.  So that we go through the hell of 120 degree heat and you really think that people go running on those days if they work overnights?

LOL seriously this is the worst city out of the many I’ve looked into.  But then like a cherry on a freakin sunday we get this slew of B.S. job posts that are for the beautiful people.  Meanwhile they don’t offer anyone that can do the jobs a snowballs chance in hell.

Oh and one thing – the one posting for the casino that I pulled from Craigslist is a casino that is out in the middle of nowhere. No one goes there and to be honest – nothing and no one they hire would be beautiful enough to bring them new business.

Whatever this freaking city blows.