Home cooked gluten free dog food

While searching for hypoallergenic dog food and failing, I researched on how to make your own dog food.

Discovery: My Female Miniature Pincher named Cinnamon started losing her hair on her lower back and itching like crazy. Not to mention the shine on her hair she usually had was gone.  Upon taking a closer look I found she was scabbing or what looked like dry patches under her coat and became worse as she continued eating regular dog kibbles to the point she seemed to be getting worse (redness) like psoriasis or dermatitis.  She would itch and want to scratch her lower back on everything.

Tried several things:

1) Rubbed baking soda and water on the thick side to her patches to stop the itching. (worked very well to sooth the itch and reduce the redness)

2) Stopped feeding her that commercial store brought dog food.

3) started giving her cooked eggs & rice to hold her while figuring out what to feed her in the long run.

Below is what I used and works very well on a regular basis. May be labor intensive but I love my dogs and the bonus all natural dog food, cheap on the frugal side and gluten free.

What you will need to make your own dog food.
(This homemade dog food recipes works for most dogs) Check with your vet before trying this.

(This is for a months worth for two 15lbs dogs a cup each a day of natural home cooked dog food, I also pressure seal with a pressure cooker my dog food in glass jars) If you don’t have a pressure cooker you can still cook on stove top.

Shopping list:

1) 10lbs of raw potatoes $4.00 a bag on sale

2) 1 four piece packet of slice calf or beef liver $3.78

3) 6 whole raw eggs including shells (can use more if you want it to have more calcium or protein)

4) 1/3 cup of oil ( I use sunflower) $3.98 a bottle

5) packet of mixed vegetables – Green type (including peas and carrots) $2.50 a bag


Steps to Prepare:

1) Leave the skins of the potatoes and dice into cubes for cooking.

2) Cook the potatoes until they are good enough for mashing if you would be eating them. (Add water to loosen mixture as needed)

3) We use a Ninja blender to assist us in the blending of the liver eggs and oil.  Basically you need to make a pate of the livers eggs and oil to add into the potato mixture. Ad water to loosen mixture.

4) In a large pot or bowl mix small amounts of the potatoes with the liver mixture and vegetables. (TIP: Use a big metal spoon to mix)

5) As you complete mixing all ingredients together – use your canning jars for dog food storage. ( Remember to add water to loosen home cooked dog food mixture) to were mixture drops easily into jars if canning.


Home made Dog food is sealed and ready for storage

To preserve: read up on how to do canning with a pressure cooker.

Good luck and hope it works out. remember to check with your vet.


My little girl Cin






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