Holidays in Las Vegas…..if you can call them that.

I have been working ever since I was able to get my working papers at the age of 13 in New Jersey.  And to this date had never had to work on a holiday.  Holidays are sacred in Jersey and New York City for that matter.


It was Thanksgiving and I was at work.  First one in the history of my working life.  I was the only one that had no issue with working the holiday.  I was skipping the cooking and shit since our family is not with us in Vegas.  When I arrived I was informed by the Weasel (the Porsche driving liar) that they would be paying for us to have a real Thanksgiving dinner since we all agreed to work.  Well I know this sounds amazing that a boss would care so much to buy us all dinner, but somewhere during the course of the morning, we discovered that the Weasel didn’t bother ordering this “Feast” and that we would be getting screwed.  In his state of bullshitting he told the owners that we would be serving a meal to the employees and that they would be more than welcome.  Well he just plum forgot about the order and started to call all the restaurants in the casino to “work out a bartering deal” for said feast.  When no one would consider this barter, he started calling all the restaurants in the city to see if he could get a fast cheap meal thrown together and asked one of the hair stylists if he would drive his own car out to get the food with no promise of money for gas or a free meal.  Then the next thing you know he had the audacity to ask us for $7.00 each to eat the food that he would be getting for us.  How this would work in his mind and still make him look great in the eyes of his employees is beyond me.  (By the way I refused to pay and would not even consider giving the money, but my co-worker/friend paid for me as a gift.)

The funny thing is that the food was disgusting – the turkey was dry and brittle, the stuffing was dry and the mashed potatoes were also dry.  When we inquired as to where he bought this food he triumphantly announced that it was from Mimi’s Café – his wife’s absolute favorite. 

Now here is where the day gets even worse.  To add insult to injury the owners of the company came in.  They wanted services.  Massages, facials and pedicures.  As if it isn’t bad enough to go through a holiday at work in Vegas I had my own bosses asking for a 2 hour massage.  Not to mention that after my friend paid for himself, me and another girl here, the owners proceeded to offer the food to others who DID NOT PAY FOR SHIT.

Mind you we closed at 5PM this day – the boss finished his meal and proceeded to come into my room at 4:15PM thinking I would be taking all the way through until 6PM.  Not a fucking chance.  I left him on the table at 5PM on the nose.  Said my peace and left. 

Now you may be wondering – why the attitude? – well here’s the tasty tidbit – had the owner been a client I would have made $75 in commission plus a tip.  But the owner has made it a habit of a free service no commission and a measly $30 tip.  Why would I go all out on this cheap piece of shit when I never get rewarded?  So this is the beginning of the holiday season here in Vegas….how does it sound to you folks????