Hello and Welcome to my Life…

Yes its another online blog for you to start reading and with any luck holding on to every word.

The birth of this blog was not conceptualized by be in order for me to talk about Jersey all the time.  Although I will regress at many times while I am feeling nostalgic.  I have plenty of juicy memories that I am very sure will entrap your minds to keep coming back for more.

My focus will be on where I live now – Las Vegas – god help me but this city is a complete rat hole.  Since coming here I have seen the truest version of human nature at it’s worst.  And because of the ultimately exaggerated vanity of the decadence of Vegas – I have made it my mission while I am still trapped here completing college to expose this city to the world for the haven of true hideousness that is on the top level of the sesspool that this city really is.

When I saw that this city was going to rake me across the coals -  I went and became a massage therapist at a chiropractor’s office – that’s going to pay my way while I get through UNLV for my bachelor’s degree. 

The plan is to get out of Vegas in July of 2011 since I plan on attending law school back in New Jersey where I feel at home.

So for now welcome to the blog of my history, my present and my future …