The Heat of the Las Vegas Desert

The heat in this city began a little too early this year for my taste.  On any given day for about a month already the average temp has been 96 degrees. This is honestly annoying. During the cool weather I want to be outside as often as possible. But these days of heating up are like death. I stay inside like I am allergic to the sun. At this rate I should just go on and buy all black clothes and listen to some melodramatic sad music and call myself Goth.

Not that there is anything wrong with this breed of person. I am a reformed Goth. Bauhaus and the like were my favorites when I was 17. I wore the black clothes and lots of black nail polish and lipstick. I terrorized my family and the whole nine yards.

I still like the music and the clothes but I am too old and it just doesn’t look cute anymore once you age over 30. Not to mention – I doubt that any law firm would take me seriously if I showed up to an interview wearing a latex catsuit and platform boots all covered by a long matrix style trenchcoat.

But I digress….once again back to the heat in this god forsaken city…..

I grew up in a small seaside town in New Jersey where the summers packed up with people vacationing and although that gets annoying as all hell at times it is tolerable because of the weather.

I would go to the beach, boardwalk, park or wherever just because I could. Sure there were hot days but nothing like the unbearable summers of this shit box called Las Vegas.

I know I have to stay here to finish my BA but hell is cooler than this place. What makes me laugh is the “modern city of Vegas.” With the amount of sunlight that we see everyday, there are not anywhere near as many solar panels as should exist. What I do see is one person to every car I pass on the roads when going to college classes. Sunlight blindingly bright not being used for energy but getting a huge electric bill just because it costs us so much to light up the strip. Our water supply tastes like ass….we have to either spend a couple thousand on a reverse osmosis water treatment system for our homes or drive miles from home to fill up huge 5 gallon water bottles in order to not dehydrate on a daily basis.

When I moved here I was told that the heat was something I would adapt to over the years. This is not the case to be honest. My first year here it wasnt too bad.  But then all of a sudden as the years have passed by I sweat uncontrollably the minute the summer heat begins. 

This year the heat reminds me that the east coast holds my ticket to health.  I fear the sun and the effects it has had on my skin in the past.  So until the day I leave here and shade exists again….50SPF on my body and 25SPF on my face and 30SPF on my lips.  I dont look my age so why would I want that to start now???