The hassles of being pregnant – not all puppies and rainbows

[ad#336×280]We are not all built the same.  Some women love the bloat, love the ouchy breasts, love the aroma of farts first thing in the morning and the endlessly horrific heartburn and headaches.

But  I must admit that I am not enjoying pregnancy at all!!!!! I hate not being in control of my body – gaining weight, not being able to see my feet past my own boobs, headaches, random pain in odd places and not to mention the endless things that I cannot do, eat, drink or take to assist with the things that hurt.

Being that many women are told that they MUST behave as china dolls that can be broken if the wind blows – it is very hard for tom boys and wildly adventurous women to accept and move into a life where actions are restricted for the next 9 months.

While I will be thrilled once this little man is out of my belly and we can see him, hold him, eat his toes etc…… I can identify with the loss of identity thing that she is going through as well. Many FTMs are not prepared since they are not informed at all of the true changes you have to go through while prego.  One day you are reading books written by women who are in love with being pregnant, dreaming of the joys of pregnancy and envisioning yourself adorable svelt and pregnant with only a little ball on your belly and then the truth – they dont tell you the bad parts – then you are there – pregnant yourself – nauseous, crappy taste in your mouth, feeling like you have swamp butt 24/7, headaches, sore, out of breath, hungry all the time and feeling like you are merely the mothership and you have been hijacked by a mini-Stewie that will hit a button to make you sneeze and pee your pants all while laughing an evil laugh.

All your cute clothes dont fit for crap since your butt has turned into something that reminds you of a life raft and the maternity clothes are just simply horrific to wear. Especially since – some – like myself know – that this is the only time I will be having a baby – and refuse to spend $210 on a pair of jeans or shirt.  Meaning that you are left with cheap material clothing items that are reminiscent of a circus tent with holes cut out for your head and arms. I say this as my own humble opinion – since I know there are women out there that LOVE their clothes.  And don’t talk to me about maternity clothes borrowing – I am and still remain the smallest woman in my family of gargantuan females.

Your wedding rings sit on a bedside table staring at you for months since your fingers and hands are swollen like clown gloves and your feet remind you of snausages and all the while all you may want is a romantic night of passionate sex with your husband after a nice glass or bottle of wine, a long walk on a beach and a fabulous seafood feast that would make any cat yowl in jealousy.

The constant temptation to sleep pretty much anywhere, including the company bathroom in one of the stalls in order to get a few seconds of sleep….ooopppps almost dozed off myself just now.

I know that this is not a popular opinion or feeling – as I can see by the numerous women railingthose that post on the multiple pregnancy sites – but not all of us are enjoying the experience at all and we are all having our own issues – whether it be body issues – mental adaptation or emotional trauma being increasingly problematic due to your family or husband not being supportive (being told wow your ass is getting huge – NOT COOL).

The truth is the end is the real prize – the baby we wanted so badly.  We tried for years to get this baby under way and failed over and over again until now both by missing dates and times and then the awful emotional pain of accepting possible infertility or miscarriages.

[ad#200×200]But to be brutally honest I just thank god we arent pregnant for 2 years – I pity elephants even more now.

But for the love of everything holy we do not all love being prego. I can list the cons and there is only one pro – the LO that comes 9 months later. The grotesque things our bodies are capable of during a pregnancy are simply harsh and relatively disgusting – I mean really mucus plugs???? That does not sound beautiful to me.

And dont get me wrong I am so happy for all of you women out there that love being pregnant – MORE WOMAN POWER TO YOU!!!! But in my opinion it is not a fun time in my life.