Oh Gorious Graduation

It is official!!! I have but only the Summer terms and next Fall then I will be done with the hell of UNLV and Las Vegas in general.

I spoke to my counselor last week to ask about classes and she guided me with a caring hand into the classes I need in order to get done with this degree.

Sure the tuition is sky high now – but I have a motorcycle to sell and the scooter as well.  I suppose they will pay for classes over the summer.  I just hope that I can get cash from my new jobs.

Yes once again due to the uncertainty of this city I am back on the job hunt.  I wasn’t fired from the spa I was at but I just simply couldn’t take it anymore and literally packed up my shit and left.  I already have 2 jobs and one of which is very fun while the other gives me time to do homework.

Enough of that.  My excitement grows daily and to be honest this is not a good thing.  It seems to be making me more lippy every day.  I catch myself literally telling people what they can go do with themselves.

Now its time to take the LSATs and get my applications for Seton Hall Law School and Rutgers Law School (both in Newark, NJ) so I can reach the stars that seem a little too far from me…