Google Wifi wireless Project Loon: Balloon-Powered Internet for Everyone

Google Wifi wireless Project Loon: Balloon-Powered Internet for Everyone

Google’s wireless project Loon says “We believe it’s possible to create a ring of balloons that fly around the globe on the stratospheric winds and provide Internet access to the earth below. Balloons present some really hard science problems, but we’re excited about the progress so far.
To learn more, visit:”

Video on youtube about the project:



“Introducing the latest moonshot from Google[x]: balloon-powered Internet access. Project Loon is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill in coverage gaps and bring people back online after disasters. To learn more, visit:”

Picture of hardware from

Some chats about Googles wireless internet from reddit:

Google Loon Chat on reddit For easier reading:

1: How is the connection?

Connection only happens while a balloon is passing over. As of yet we haven’t had too many opportunities to really test it out to its potential.

2: How constant is it?

As per above comment, while there are limited balloons we only get Internet while a balloon is passing above.

3: Are there specific periods it works or is it only up in the air every now and then when they are testing it?

Answered above.

4: Do you have a speed test? (I know it’ll be slow. I’m just curious.)

No speed tests as of yet. Sorry.

5: How long did it take to install?

Installation was very fast. We mounted the red receiver. Some people have linked to the house and hooked it up to a router.

6: Are you paying for it?

No we are not paying for it.

7: If there is a price what is it?

Above answer.

8: Do you pay google or do you pay your ISP?

9: How spotty is it?

10: How cool is it having a red dongle on the side of your home?

Its pretty random. It definitely stands out!

11: How long did it take for them from beginning to install?

12: How did you get contacted or get into this program?

I contacted my flatmate via his cell phone! We still aren’t sure how they got his number. ಠ__ಠ

13: Do you think it’s going to take off? (Pun not intended)

I think its definitely a good way of getting Internet to those who can’t easily get it, or in a case of a disaster and normal Internet connection goes down.

14: What kind of data does google collect from you?

15: When did you begin taking part of this trial?

Testing started today.

16: Did you expect this many questions?

No I didn’t expect this many questions. Well done good sir for thinking of so many!

17: How many other homes are there testing it in your area?

I’m not sure. Sorry.

18: Does google pay you to participate?

19: Does it require any other hardware other than the red dongle kinda thingie?

20: Is it wireless into your home or is it an ethernet connection? Also have you heard any talks of them trying to make it wireless for say people on road trips?

21: Will you be able to get  anatomy-based pictures and videos for scientific research?

Unfortunately had to sign something to say that we would not look up and “for science” material.

Who do you want to win the rugby?

All Blacks, France doesn’t stand a chance.

Can you take a picture of the hardware? Thanks :-).


If there’s enough demand for it i don’t see why not.

Do you know safe guy?

No, but I’m starting to think there’s no safe and he did it all for the sweet sweet karma! ಠ_ಠ

Can you stream YouTube videos fine? What’s the downstream / upstream speed like? Does it lag when you play games?

As we are only getting the Internet as the balloons passing over and there are limited amount of balloons at this stage, we haven’t been able to stream anything unfortunately.

May I ask some questions here?

Where, as accurate as possible while maintaining privacy, do you live in NZ?

Yes I do live in NZ.

How did Google get in contact with you? Contacted my flatmate via his cell phone.

How long does the trial last?

As yet I’m not sure how long the trial will last.

Are you going to get months and months of free Internet, or is it just a brief trial for the day??

No we aren’t getting months and months of free Internet. We can only connect as balloons pass over us.

Do you know much about the technology they are using? Someone else showed a photo of the antenna ( ttp:// )?

No we didn’t know much about it until today. We did try our best to find out however.

What is internally in your house?

Its just a router plugged into the reg punching bag looking thing you linked.

Is it like an ethernet port you plug a router into or what?

Did Google come and set up everything in your home?

Did you know it was Google before today, or just some “science” group?

We found out it was Google a day or two ago. We had no idea what it would be though.

Are you using their Internet now?

No I am not using the Internet at the moment.

If so, what’s your IP address? (You can censor this a bit if you want).

How’s living in New Zealand?

Great. No complaints.


A bit more info at the GoogleBlog

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