Oh Glorious Christmas in Fabulous Las Vegas.

Here it is Christmas day, and I am at work again.  And sure as I predicted the owners are coming in for a 2 hour massage again.  Now mind you – you may be thinking – I am getting paid for massage so I should be thrilled.  NO PAY.  They say we tip you instead.  $30-$40 dollars for 2 hours is bullshit.  That is a complete ripoff of both my time and my energy.  Now I have to sit here and bite my tongue so that I can leave with a job. 

All things considered this is one of the worst jobs I have ever had.  I am not asked to work holidays I am left with no way out.  And the last thing I need in this city is to be unemployed.

If I could see these people on a day when I have moved on with my life I would tell them exactly what kind of low life inconsiderate fuck ups they are and how loathsome their employees see them.

So the owner comes in with his flavor of the week….a girl he met 2 days prior while having drinks in a local pick up spot for the middle age losers.  She is polite and respectful to some extent but has a ballsy attitude when discussing her pitiful existence.  As if she has any room to be so blatantly rude – she reminds me of a Pekinese for Christ sake. 

During said conversation with this client it is revealed to me how they met and that he has already taken her to another one of the locations for a massage and services the previous day.  I guess he had to work extra hard to nail this one…..

Not only that but she ran to go buy herself cigarettes and came back and handed my $11 as my tip for the 75 minutes I wasted on her.  So once again I get fucked in the ass with a 2×4 while the owners look like big ballers to the flavor of the week.

One day I will be in control of something – one day I will make partner at a law firm – and I will never forget how shitty I have been treated.  I will never forget what they did to me – and I will always treat my assistants and paralegals with the utmost respect.  Because let’s face it – they are the backbones and the ones that have to take the brunt of the bullshit day in and day out – shit never rolls uphill it only rolls down…..