Gender Charts vs Mother’s Intuition

[ad#336×280]I know that one of the first things that really made me go insane was wanting to know whether I was going to have a little boy or a little girl.

All the big pregnancy sites on the web have the Chinese Gender Charts.  There are quizzes all over the place.  There are the old wives tails of what you are eating, what position you are in, what day in the cycle, how are you carrying, whether you are sleeping more on the left or the right or even how fast the heart rate is and whether you are puking your guts out or not.  They even sell a Gender predictor kit that you pee into and it will tell you boy or girl for about $30-$50.

So which one of these things should you listen to?  None of them!!!  It is amazing how you will know what you are having all on your own.

My story begins with the fact that hubby is a girl maker.  Almost all his brothers are girl makers.  It is generally known that the entire generation are girl makers.   Every time that someone in the family appears pregnant they are having girls.

Therefore we thought naturally I would have a girl  – but once I conceived and I was about 8 weeks – 10 weeks in I said no it’s a boy.  Why?  I cannot tell you in a million years.  I wasn’t showing.  I wasn’t even large yet.  But I was still concerned if I was just crazy and forcing this issue.  So I waited to have my suspicions confirmed.

I got the see my old OB around 14 -15 weeks and actually saw what looked like a small peanut hanging from between my little beans legs.  At which point he told me NOT to look and to allow him to “be a doctor” and “tell me what’s what without my input” (needless to say I am not a puppet and fired his ass the following week).  I knew what I saw so when it came time to go to the actual 2nd stage NT scan and blood work- up I did a little happy dance in my seat when they confirmed that I was 100% correct and that there was no mistaking my little man’s dinker that was clearly between his little legs.

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