Frugal and can’t get a credit card?

Can’t get a credit card?

“So I made a post about a week ago for Ana amazon credit card to start building credit, well they denied me saying I had too many delinquencies on my credit score. This didn’t make sense to me since the only bill I pay is for my car and I pay it every month on time because it is automatically taken out of my account as well as my school payments.

Discover even denied me last year. What is going on? How can I build credit if nobody will give me a card?”

Found replies

“Did you think to perhaps pull your credit reports if delinquencies that aren’t real are being reported and correct them? I hate to sound mean-spirited, but this seems so incredibly obvious.

If your credit reports are clean and you still can’t get a card then you’ll need to start off with a secured credit card. This involves you giving a bank $500, for instance, as collateral and they give you a credit card with a $500 limit; this way, should you fail to pay what you owe, they can fully cover it with your collateral. Many of these come with fees, so shop around. 6-12 months of using a prepaid card should be plenty of time to build enough credit to get a Discover It or similar card.”


“Pull your credit reports from Look to see if there are actually delinquencies. If there are you’ll need to resolve them first. You may have been a victim of fraud, you may have a past due bill you never knew about, there may just be errors on your credit report.

Once those issues are resolved you may need to start with a secured card first.”


“If the company said that you were denied based on information in your credit report, you are entitled to a free credit report. You should have received an email or a letter saying how – and if not, go back to amazon and ask them how you can get your free credit report. Then check out the information in there. If you have a common name, then it may be from another person with a like/identical name. Or someone may have stolen your identity, opened a credit card in your name and never paid it. The credit card company then closed the account, figured out that it was never you (that’s why they don’t bother you) but forgot to remove the information from your report… Lots of possibilities – but your first step should be your credit report.”


“Check your credit reports to make sure you don’t have any inaccurate information on them. That may be the cause.”