What Makes You Feel Better When You Have Been Gluten-ed?

What to do in making yourself feel better when you have been glutened?

“When I accidentally have gluten I drink a shot of apple cider vinegar.

The malic acid in the vinegar stops the reaction pretty much dead in its tracks most of the time.

Give that a try!”

“I think it depends on what your symptoms are. For me I’d go with a bit of lemon in my water. Usually a touch of caffeine with a nice dose of ibuprofen. Sleep as I see fit, and eating as clean as I can, though also trying to keep it simple, since my brain is usually teh dumbz after a glutening.”\

“I drink water, eat very little at each meal, and stick to simpler foods that I know are gluten-free for a few days. And just let time go by …”

“It’s not an immediate or obvious comfort, but I like to turn the shower on hot, and sit down under the water. It doesn’t actually stop the “problems,” but you don’t want to. Your body needs to flush the gluten out, and hindering that process will just cause more problems.

“I find that the comfort and warmth of the shower mitigates the pain and cramping.”

“A side note: A couple of people have suggested antacids, which is probably a good idea, but be absolutely certain that they are gluten-free as well.”

“I drink nettle tea with a drop of peppermint oil in it – nettle (stinging nettle) tea by itself is not my fave flavor. A big pot of peppermint and nettle tea. The idea with the nettles is to try to turn down the volume of the inflammation and immune response. I get more liquids in me too.

Benadryl at night so I can sleep and oodles of caffeine and a little bit of nicotine gum during the day. Nicotine also tones down inflammation. There’s a smoker’s paradox with celiac disease and I was one of those who got MUCH worse after quitting smoking. So I picked up the ginormous box of nicotine gum – lowest dose – and I chew a half a piece at a time. On the worst days I might chew a total of three or four pieces which if I calculated correctly is not even as much nicotine as one cigarette. If I haven’t been glutened in a while, I don’t chew it and I don’t crave it. ymmv…”

“Peppermint tea to help soothe your stomach and then digestive enzymes to help speed up the process of getting that gluten out of there!”

“Not much for me. Not eating too much, and not eating things that are hard for me to digest. You could try a hot pad or a bath…”

“I’ve heard rumors that pomegranate juice helps (supposedly pomegranate helps break down proteins including gluten). It makes me feel better anyway. It’s also much tastier if it’s mixed with coconut milk and sugar.

Also, lots of fluids and antacids (I like zantac. it actually blocks the b-histamines in the stomach) and just taking it easy for a couple days. Sorry you got sick!”

“I drink lots of water, pop some antacids and try to go to sleep. Just gotta wait it out.”

‘Benedryl turns the volume way down on my pain. It’s still not a pleasant experience, so I don’t use it to get away with anything. But when it’s already happened, it makes it a lot more tolerable for me.”

“If I have a little bit of gluten in my system, usually getting up and walking around helps, but other than that, I pop a Benadryl.”

“Hot bean bag – and then sleeping for as long as possible.”

“I haven’t tried it after being glutened, but I find that I can eat small amounts of gluten (usually in the form of soy sauce) with Szechuan peppers. It doesn’t work with other spicy peppers, though. I wish they came in capsules so I could eat less spicy food, lol.”