Eat something and realize you’ve accidentally been glutenated. What are your symptoms?

Eat something and realize you’ve accidentally been glutenated (gluten allergy from flour wheat). What are your symptoms?



Out of curiosity to see how many different kinds of symptoms people get from being glutenated, because from what I can gather on this topic, there is a lot.

As for me, I would first get a sharp pain in my chest/stomach, almost as if someones stabbing me. Very soon after I will get very gassy for a couple hours straight (embarrassing I know) until is subsides slightly. Bloating obviously. Not much else though.

“My joints will start to ache after about twenty minutes, my brain gets “foggy”, my anxiety starts rising, my blood feels “thick”, and my vision dims a little. Oh, and I might find it a little harder to breathe.”

“ohh I do get the joint thing too :/ for me it’s just in one knee and it happens from time to time. Still unsure what the brain fog thing is, I don’t think I’ve ever had it myself but I do get very fatigued and I usually end up sleeping.”

“The joint thing is new for me! The fog leads to my anxiety in that I just can’t process thoughts and ideas as quickly as I normally can. My wit drops off and sometimes it’s hard to understand jokes after I’ve been glutened!”

“I get a sweaty forehead within 10 minutes. Then the gut ache. Feels like a horse is kicking me in the stomach within 20 minutes. Then the squirts. Often I go 3 or 4 rounds over 4 hours of sitting on the toilet. Sometimes I vomit as well. All combined with the gut ache and sweats. Then over the next week I’m grouchy and so so tired.”

“Horrible gastrointestinal symptoms and brain fog on day one. Day two (depending on severity of exposure) I usually see the migraine, joint pain, and continued foggy brain.”

“Gas cramps, diarrhea usually within about 8 hours. Fading slowly over a few days.”

What are your symptoms?

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