East Coast Sorrow

The days when I lived in NYC

I wasted them all

Looking at the concrete and metal with disdain and dread

Wandering like a lost 3 year old looking for mom

Never seeing the beauty of sincerity that the walls that held me provided

Now I sit in this wasteland of fantasy and narcissim

In retrospect I was blind to the simplicity of living in a real city

Complaining of the subways that now I long to hear.

Ding Dong

The weather is changing there already. 

First days of school and the autumn leaves are starting to change in a few weeks.

The nip in the air at night is crisp and cool. The squirrels are searching for that which they will need to make it through till spring.

Seasons – that is what I miss the most.  The cooling of the days and nights, the rain, the need for a coat, the need for gloves and a warm blanket at night.

The first snow of the season, the dreams of a white Christmas.  The silence and tranquility of the snow falling. 

People that actually know how to operate a car, a city that prohibits the use of cell phones while you drive.  A city that knows that drivers need rules.

Oh the days of not needing a car.  Everything being so very close by and easy to reach. 

A hello uttered just because you live side by side.  No hiding away trying to stay private.  Open, free and willing to be who you are.

To sacrifice, to lose, to fall, and to fall in love wtih a city that you cannot return to.