Discrimination Against Female Massage Therapists in Las Vegas

I often find myself aggravated when I discuss my profession with a potential client or even a city representative.

What I was appalled by this past week was when I was pursuing my City of Las Vegas Business License and Clark County Business License.

I was sent to a location by a potential boss for a lucrative casino massage company who is very interested in procuring my services.  The County Zoning Office off of Grand Central Parkway.  When I  approached the counter I was attired in a pair of black medical scrubs and black sneakers.  No cleavage.  No tight pants.  No high heels.  However, I was still questioned by the official whom I was requesting a signature from.  I needed for this foolish obtuse person to review my application for a home zoning permit and place his signature on a form that allowed for me to proceed to the next area of the building for the County license to be processed.

Rather than merely doing his job and allowing me to proceed, he winked at me and giggled when he asked what I was going to do with the business license.  I stated very calmly and rationally that I was a professional licensed massage therapist. 

What I got as a response was absolutely out of line and disrespectful.  I went to college for over a year and paid more than my fair share in order to become a respected part of the therapeutic massage therapy community.  And to have my professional standing disparaged by this individual was well over the top.  I was not only humiliated by this person as he belittled me at his counter by his conversation being spoken in front of numerous others but also in the presence of his other co-workers.  But I was left knowing that even the City sees women as nothing short of whores.

After this incident I was told that I needed to go to another building and I filled in the requirements and received the OK for my license to be completed.  I returned to the County Business License Department.  When I returned to the next persons window requesting this license, once again I was humiliated and disrespected.

The WOMAN at this counter said – are you planning on working in a happy ending shop?  Was she not aware of the ramifications of her words in the presence of the other people waiting for their licensing? 

What these people represent to me is the sheer and simple minded ignorance of this City.  I am planning on pursuing a meeting with the Mayor of this City to discuss this.  I have never been so appalled in my life. 

I was never a stripper, never a prostitute.  I have been nothing but a very clear upstanding person.  I do not drive drunk, indulge in any form of drug use and have never stolen from anyone.  However, I get the treatment from this city as if I have lay on my back for the city to take me as only a man can take a whore.

These are the people that you have representing your City Mayor Goodman.  Are you pleased and satisfied knowing that the people who are desperately chasing their dream of employment are being treated like social deviants?

This City was presented to me as being a place where my dreams could come true.  This was a lie.  This was a hoax.  And honestly I DO NOT encourage anyone to come to this city for employment and dream fullfilling.  If you have low self esteem this is not the city for you.  I suffered humiliation on numerous levels in this City and will never forget what I have endured here.

And Screw you to any fool that feels as though they need to pipe up and speak ill of me.  Your type are the ones that have built this false city.

At one point I wrote a posting in Rants and Raves on Craigslist.org regarding this awful hiring process.  I received an email from a moron to the effect:

Shut up you fat ugly C*nt.  Why dont you go put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

What this moron didnt know was that his email address was searchable.  I was able to locate his home address and telephone number.  Was this wise?  Not on his part.  His actions are punishable now after the CL Killer.  Am I going to pursue this? No – I fought back.  I posted his email with his address and phone number anonymously in a seperate post.  What happened to him after that I will never know.  But isnt it peculiar that many of the people in this city treat one another as nother better than garbage???