Where did the common courtesies of man go in Las Vegas????

There are some days when you wake up late for work and you think …. FUCK IT…. then you remember that without money you can’t live in this country.  No one will help you.  No one cares if you can’t put a roof over your head or food on your table.

Then you arrive at work and no one that you work with cares about anyone but themselves.  Mind you this is a mere two days before Christmas.  You would think that there would be more compassion – more caring – more brotherly love.  Whatever you may think – it is all a lie.  No one really cares whether you show up for work or not.  Regardless of what you give of yourself when you are at work.

Then you see your boss – the man that drives up in a black Porsche Carrera everyday.  Who just had a baby with his Russian mail order wife and had the nerve to ask you and all your co-workers for money to help with the doctor bills he incurred by birthing this child.  How about you sell that fucking Porsche and stop acting like any of us OWE you anything!!  Isn’t the fact that we come to work everyday that we are scheduled enough for you?  We give it our all when we are here and we are paid slave wages.

But no he is just a prime example of what to expect while working at a Las Vegas Casino Spa.  While you wait for appointments you sit and wait while listening to your co-workers chat about working people in the casinos for all they are worth.

People – men especially – WISE UP – no one in Vegas cares what you are into, who you are or what you are in town for.  The women they show on the internet and television are paid to be in the clubs and pictures.  When you go to any of the clubs the only thing you will see is a sausage fest.  And on top of that – the only females that you will meet are either hookers or sugar babies looking for someone to buy them things and give them money.  So if that is what you are looking for then by all means come on over and see us in Vegas.

Oh and by the way – the people in the service industry here are only being nice because they want your money not because we are genuinely nice.  See what they do to you if you don’t tip them…..