Another waste of time…… Code name “The Peppermint Hippo”

As I wrote in another post I lost my job of over 2 years. I loved this job and did everything I could in order to show my bosses that the job meant the world to me. I was hoping that it could have lasted until the end of college. I even tailored my school class schedule around their needs.

When I went to ask for the job the first time I tried to show that I was a professional person with a history in bar management by wearing a decent suit style dress. They merely accepted the application and walked away. A year later I asked for a job again. This time I was asking about being a shitty cocktail server. BUT I wore a very low cut dress with a plunging back that if I bent over would have showed my ass crack.

Needless to say they gave me the job. So there I was starting a new job – giving me a chance to make what my father told me would be amazing money.

That however was a whole crock full of bull shit. I started on the fat girl shift. Mind you I am 5’2″ tall and weigh between 130 – 140 of mostly muscle. So there I was starting my shift at 3:45 AM. Not to mention getting screwed on the money because of the “section” they would give me.

I still gave it my all and did my hair and makeup and wore their asinine uniform of booty shorts, fishnets, high heels, a freaking ugly vest and a bow tie and collar with little cuffs.

Within the first 3 months the hell began but because of my financial state I had to fight through and deal with it.

I was actually able to cut my weight to a solid 120 all so I could be considered to move up to a better shift for more money.  I was called to the managers office and I was thinking that they were asking me there to tell me that I was going to be promoted to the better shift.  Instead what I go was my old fat manager “JOE” telling me that all I needed to do was assist him in some of his “favors” and he would do whatever he could to get me on the other shift.  Well of course I didnt add this up at first till I saw his old funky ass sitting there with his penis in his hand and walking toward me.

I snatched a glass ashtray up off the table and gave the warning for him to back off or I would throw it at his head.  He moved again and I winged it.  Glass shattered and I ran out of the office.  A bartender friend of mine knew something happened but I didnt tell him.

What happened next was of course his actions screwed with my head so bad that I gained all the weight right back….What was sad was that when all the other girls moved forward with the law suit against the club for Joe’s actions – they fired them all.  So I paniced and told them that I didnt want to sue the club since I still wanted to work there.  Instead what they did was completely ignore the fact that it was possible that he would want me to do anything for him.  I never even got an IM SORRY….

If you can put the pieces together about the name of this very popular gentlemen’s club – BEWARE!!!
Dont risk your dignity the way I did.