Cloth diapers Cloth Diapering Is it for me? pros and cons

[ad#336×280]Cloth diapers Cloth Diapering – Is it for me?  pros and cons

First off – we are not talking about any form of adult diapers.  This is purely a matter of determining if cloth diapering is for you or not.

At first you may not even be thinking about this idea for how to collect your baby’s processed foods but then you start to read and hear of the now vast majority of women who are deciding to cloth diaper.

First step is that you will try to research where to buy cloth diapers since they are not exactly sold everywhere.  Not to mention what kind of cloth diaper to get.  Pre-fold, all in one, material type? But then you realize that there are some very cute little things out there that make cloth diapers more appealing to the eye.  Most likely after a brief search of cloth diapers you inevitably found Green Mountain Diapers who are clearly an all in one shop online for all the cloth diaper needs you may have.

Allow me to educate you slightly on the BASIC Pros and Cons of cloth diapers.


  1. It is very possible for you to save up to $3100 over the time your baby is in diapers.  The average cost of disposable diapers over the course of your baby being born until the time your baby is potty trained is about $4000.  And yes, I understand that you are concerned with the cost of laundering these cloth diapers daily, but in all actuality you only spend a total of approximately $1.50 per load of diapers between water, soap and electricity and may be even less if you hang the diapers out to dry.  If you choose a diaper service you are clearly okay with the money aspect of using disposable diapers since most services are approximately $25 a week which ends up costing $100 a month.

A full set up of cloth diapers depends on you though.  If you want all the cutesy little all in ones with the outrageous colors and designs you might very well be able to spend more on cloth diapers – but if you keep in mind what a diaper is then you will not get sucked into this trap of mommy consumerism.

The bare essential needs are as follows

6 dozen pre-folds – Approximately $200.00

A variety of diaper covers – Approximately $200.00

Either diaper pins or snappis – $20


The rest of the money will be spent on the All in One diapers which you will no doubt fall in love with.  Between BumGenius, FuzziBunz, G diapers and Cottonbabies – with their adorable colors and prints and the ease of a one shot deal with no diaper pins or snappis – you just cant help but desire a pile from one of these fabulous brands.

  1. Cloth diapers are more breathable – reducing diaper rash. Let’s be honest now – who wants to feel that guilty when we see our precious little baby’s tush bright red and hurting them from disposable diapers?  Not to mention that if you have a little boy you could be baking his little testicles in those plastic disposable diapers that allow no cool air in.


  1. We’ve come a long way ladies.  You don’t have to use diaper pins anymore to keep the diapers closed.  They have invented a new item.  Snappis are a great new wave of the future.  Like an Ace bandage clip but for diapers.    These allow for you to fumble around more without the fear of jabbing your little peanut by accident when they squiggle.

And out of concern for your comfort level I have even placed a video on how to use a pre-fold cloth diaper on your wee one.


  1. If you are interested in salvaging what is left of our environment as well – cloth diapering reduces the amount of garbage which you are placing into landfills by an enormous amount.


  1. I can also see that you are probably asking – But what are the best cloth diapers?  Honestly that is           up to your preference.  Some like the all in ones more than the pre-fold cloth diapers while others prefer the opposite.  It is all relative to your personal preference and luck in terms of whether your little one is prone to the classic blow out that somehow finds its way all the way up to his or her neck.


  1. Stinky – Yes it is a fact that baby poo stinks and yes it is difficult to handle when you will be carrying a smelly little cloth diaper.  Regardless of time or food intake, baby poo stinks.  But if you are on your game you can avoid the stink. Scrape the waste into the toilet immediately and soak in a diaper pail in your home designated for the stinky little things.



  1. Traveling with cloth diapers – you will NEED to have a wet bag for the wet and dirty diapers And yes it is obvious if your wee one is having a bad day with the poo. But the good news is that family bathrooms give you access to sinks and such so you may rinse the diaper before putting it into the wet bag – cutting down on the stink.

As you can see I am a cloth diapering advocate and strongly suggest at least trying it for a week or so.  Worst case scenario is that your pre-fold diapers will turn into very absorbent burp cloths.