This City of Hell……..

Seems eternity would take less time

than it has for the days I live now to end

days seem like years and years are decades

waiting and sitting thinking of the future

somehow forgetting about the present

insanity seems like a perfect description

for the life I live in this fake reality

the bells of so called winners




everywhere I go


gas station


even the supermercado




why do they call them winners?

don’t they know that they are losers inside?

depending on the falsehoods

this city has planted into their heads

“they pay your state taxes!”

well how else could we afford our lives?

throwing hundreds into a slot machine

at a dealer at a blackjack table

at a stripper for a simulated act of sex

all in the name of entertainment

how is it entertaining?

giving away hours of work

to machines and people with no emotions

we fall deeper and deeper

years stream past in slow motion

forgetting the reasons

forgetting the goals

disrespecting the precious gift of life

24 hours of hell on earth

heat that rivals that of your oven

gingerbread men have it easy

falsehoods and blatant lies

lives and families torn

loves lost and never found again

in a city where a nun can also be a hooker

a judge can be a prominent drug dealer

and a cop can be a brutal robber of dignity

Ahhhhh…..sin at its finest

the finest hotels and entertainment in the world

my ass is more entertaining

but then again –

why bother with me when you can

see every part of a woman

would your parents approve?

proud of the failure

proud of the silicone

and saline

lipo and plasticine

living only for the success of

one night at a time.

losing the grip on reality

as the days slip by and my body

ages on and on

and the days drag me in to this city of hell…