Can we just get over ourselves?

There is something so pathetic about the self absorption of the people in Vegas that can really piss me off sometimes.

As I sit here I am listening to a KID in my 400 level Philosophy course attempt to spew forth Glenn Beckian jargon to others to convince them to JOIN HIM in a PROTEST regarding the Health Care Reform.

Meanwhile he is living at home with his parents – he is only 23 – he is convinced that this will affect him in someway starting tomorrow.

I supposed if I only watched FOX news I would believe him.  However, seeing that I am not one to believe anything from anyone without further research this cannot be anything other than inflammatory talk from him.

When I asked him if he was covered by his parents insurance – he – of course – said – YES!  So how could this affect him tomorrow?  He is covered under the new bill until he is 26 – at which time I can say with certainty – he will still be living at home.

What the others say in response is what truly kills me – they others who are listening are actually complaining because they are not covered by any insurance and think that starting today they owe the government $95 a day till they get coverage.  Thanks Fox news for planting the fear into those who have yet to see that you are all nothing more than inflammatory blow hards that seek to get ratings.

Why is it so hard for people to see and understand that news channels are broadcasting the most controversial things to get their ratings higher than the other?  We are being manipulated by the media and because people are so self absorbed they want information to be spoon fed to them by the media rather than researching that which is real and what is false.