Budget Cuts at UNLV

Recently I received an email from UNLV informing me of the potential for a severe change to the institution as a whole.

Not only is the cost of tuition tempted to increase yet again, but specific classes which are mandatory for graduation for many students will only be offered certain times, certain semesters, which can, in fact, prevent a student from being able to obtain a degree from the school itself.

The very next email I received was a questionnaire which asked a variety of questions ranging from inquiries into whether I feel as though the “Budget Crisis” has affected the instructors abilities to teach and if the tuition is increased – do I feel as though this will assist or further decline the school as a whole.

As for the instructors…I may be stating this prior to meeting more than just the ones that I personally have encountered and liked, but, withstanding the few that I have liked and learned from,  the majority of the instructors have seemed highly uninterested in teaching.

As for the tuition increases – all I can say is that the increase will not create any form of alleviation in this regard. You see, many people who come to this school are here because it is CHEAP. But if I can get a much better education for the same tuition as I would pay for this school – I would much faster move to another college that has a better reputation – which would grant me more footing in the real world.  I mean in all honesty I stated to a client that I attend UNLV and they basically stated that they didn’t know Las Vegas had a University.  But since they do have a college – was my major in stripper school or cocktail service?  This would usually upset someone who loves their college and respects it.  I on the other hand are the polar opposite.  I am here for the low tuition and to fill in the time while I regain footing before I move home.

However, there is another thing that would in turn happen in time should the school not figure out the basics of where their money is going. The more students transfer out, decide to go to another school and enrollment drops lower, the less need for instructors, nor majors to be offered.  So in all actuality, this tuition increase will perpetuate the issue and further force our progression down the rabbit hole.

So if this is the case, what will the school do then? Raise tuition again?

Rather than ask for more money – how about we merely re-distribute the money we are receiving to focus it back into the education and away from the beautification of the campus.

How about UNLV STOP WASTING MONEY on useless landscaping? Have we looked around and seen that we are in a freaking desert? There is NO PURPOSE in having a campus full of grass and trees and flowers. We use more water to keep the grass alive. If we replaced all the grass with desert landscape wouldn’t the school be rewarded for the environmentally acceptable contribution?

Instead all our tuition is going towards the landscapers who are here daily – edging, mowing, planting, cleaning and pruning. Paying the street cleaners who sweep our walkways. And not to mention the gallons and gallons of water we use to water the grass which covers a large portion of the campus.

Rather than being concerned with whether the campus is visually attractive – can we just get back to attempting to raise this school back to a respectable level – rather than the substandard learning establishment that has been and cannot seem to escape?