Human Chimps seen Black Friday Shopping Chaos Shocking video

Human Chimps seen Black Friday Shopping Chaos Shocking video!

Black Friday Shopping Chaos (Super Cut Compilation)

I find it sad that we have resorted to this kind of behavior and to see that so many of the people engaged in the utter chaos with bright smiles on their faces in utter enjoyment sickens me in a more severe way. We would rather cause thousands to hundreds of thousands worth of damage to personal property, injure our fellow man, woman or child, than to show compassion, respect and possibly patience during a season when PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL to ALL MANKIND is supposed to be the motto. What I see is a savage group of chaos mongers who feel as though abusing another human being in order to please their friends and family is a right of passage to ring in the holiday season.


We tend to forget that our elders managed to shop in over crowded stores for gifts for us all until the last decade. They would still manage to get us the Cabbage Patch Kid doll we wanted so badly and they didn’t have to come home in a cast, bruised, missing a tooth or empty handed.

Today, I fear that if my son begged me for a Thomas the Tank Engine toy that was brand new I would end up in a body bag all because I was trapped into shopping on Black Friday.

I never understood the term “Black Friday” until I saw the turn for the worst in my fellow man. A sale in a store should never bring such envy, hate and greed to us. But the name of the day is so suiting now that I no longer question it. 10 years of working in retail until 2001 and I had never encountered the violence I see now.


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