Bikini Parade Summer Season Kick Off in Las Vegas

Somehow this isnt exactly what the average person in Vegas is going to find appealing.  You see if you were to drive around Vegas and finally leave the strip you would see the real people in Vegas. 

You would see the overweight soccer moms and the big bellied buffet gourmets that have truly endulged more than their fair share.  You would see the broke down areas of this city where old mom and pop bars, restaurants and casinos have finally had to close down and are inhabited by vagrants, the homeless, drug addicted teens, and more than just a few insects.

I have driven through this city for over 3 years and seen many many companies close their doors in order to compensate for the mega casinos to open and take over the city.

So when I was driving to college this morning for my early morning class I heard the radio announcements for a Bikini Parade that Mayor Goodman had decided to have done in order to “Kick Summer Off Early”.  Sure the economy is crap here and of course this is a great way for this city to perpetuate the falsehoods of the common vacationer. 

In all honesty the fact of the matter is that the city during the summer is DEAD!!! No one wants to come here and sweat in the 120 degree heat.  The entirety of this city is based on sex – what happens here stays here right?

Lets face facts shall we? The only thing that stays here is your money that you pour onto the casinos.  Hell if you are looking to give money away then contact me and I will send you a paypal link for you to give me your money.  At least then you know that I would put it to great use. LOL

But for those of you that love to see women with fake breasts and more liposuction done than the average then you can always go and melt in the sun of Las Vegas Blvd in front of the Fashion Show Mall at noon today.

What the hell are these women representing?  The true persons that live in Vegas? Hardly.  When on UNLV campus the girls are NOT perfect.  Only place you can see what can be conceived as perfection is in a strip club.  And there are plenty of those around here…